Joey Fatone Reveals "Masked" Details with Guests Donnie Wahlberg and Robin Thicke on New Podcast

Joey Fatone Reveals “Masked” Details with Guests Donnie Wahlberg and Robin Thicke on New Podcast

Officially "unmasked," singer and actor Joey Fatone invites fans to get real with him every week in his new podcast debuting today in partnership with network leader, PodcastOne. Fatone and longtime manager and friend, Joe Mulvihill, co-host Two Cups of Joe with new episodes every Wednesday, exclusively on and Apple Podcasts.

The podcast will combine Fatone's well-known humor and Mulvihill's knowledge of the entertainment business, as they discuss current events and never-before-heard stories from their lives. In long-form interviews, the pair presents the lighter side of each guest, in addition to the deep topics you may not expect from this jolly superstar.

On today's series premiere, the other rumored Rabbit from The Masked Singer, Donnie Wahlberg, joins the Joes to discuss what was happening between them behind the scenes after the rumors began, and Donnie's disguised call to try and solve the Rabbit mystery. They also discuss new details behind anxiety among New Kids on the Block members, new details about Donnie's role in his house growing up, and more. Plus, will Joey and Donnie be touring together soon? Robin Thicke also makes an appearance to give his behind the scenes perspective of The Masked Singer.

Below are excerpts from the episode:

No Escaping the Mask:

Fatone: "So, I was padlocked into the actual jacket. So, God forbid I had to get out of that jacket, I could not get out of it."

Mulvihill: "Were they keyed?"

Fatone: "Keyed. I had spare keys in my pocket because I didn't trust anybody. But they also had the other keys as well...In the zipper, in the jeans, I actually had keys on I said, they locked me up and put a corset around me."

The Mysterious Texter:

Mulvihill: "What are you doing?"

Fatone: "Texting someone from the show. Somebody who was in the show was just texting me, so I'm texting them back right now. I can't tell you because that person is still on. I found out later-on who the rest of the people were, but I cannot say, obviously, right now because we haven't gotten there yet."

Joey or Donnie?

Wahlberg: "I was having fun with it from the beginning because Jenny - this is a true story - she was at the show taping and she was on a break, and she was like, you know, she would like text me random questions, like, trying to quiz me to get answers without telling me what was going on. She can't really reveal the show, so she would just sort of text me these bizarre questions, and I was like, 'She's trying to figure out who these people are.' So, then she started saying, 'You're friends with Joey Fatone. Can you ask him if he's in LA?' So, I was like, 'Oh my God, Joey must be doing the show.' So I ignored her, and when I ignored her, she started thinking it was me...Because apparently, the judges weren't getting the same package of clues that like the viewers get...So, what I did - I did text you, and Joey, to his credit, did not reply."

Mulvihill: "[Fatone] called me."

Wahlberg: "Then, I called Joe and I was like, 'Hey, Joe. Where's Joey right now? I'm acting all coy about it because now I wanted to know. But at the same time, I was ignoring her and creating a confusion with her, and she's like, 'Wait a minute.'...I played into it because I knew it was coming that she was going to start questioning whether it was me."

Fatone: "Would this be something you would ever want to do? I think you'd be freaking amazing in this show if you actually got a chance to do it."

Wahlberg: "I was almost on the show as..."

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