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Visitors to Cambria may have noticed that its residents have a tendency to be kind, down-to-earth people who have a strong love for their town. These sentiments may harken back to Cambria's history as a ranching paradise, or perhaps it's a natural byproduct of living in a lush and bountiful area so close to the ocean. Either way, the individuality of this town doesn't stop at art and architecture; when touring the local farms, exploring the ranches, and stopping in at the tasting rooms, guests will discover that the land among the rolling hills surrounding Cambria amounts to more than just visceral beauty.

From goat cheese to olive oil and estate wines to olallieberry pie, there are countless things to taste. Guests can even visit the gentle giants grazing in the hidden fields of Covell's Clydesdale Ranch, right near the center of town. It just goes to show that in Cambria, visitors will find something new around every corner.

Stolo Family Vineyards
Sitting at the base of a sun-kissed nine-acre vineyard, the farmhouse and old dairy barn at Stolo Family Vineyards dates back to the late 1800s. Less than three miles from the Pacific Ocean, the vineyards thrive in Cambria's unique microclimate, producing unmatched coastal-style Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir, and Syrah.

Covell's Clydesdales
The Covell Clydesdale Ranch is the only place on earth where you can experience the majestic Clydesdale horses, commonly known as "gentle giants," grazing on nearly 2,000 acres of rolling pastures, speckled with pristine Monterey Pines and overlooking an exquisite view of the Pacific Ocean. At any given time, the ranch is home to approximately 100 Clydesdale horses of all ages, sizes and abilities for riding and driving. Experience a guided tour or trail ride, where you will enjoy the company of the Clydesdales while taking in incredible vistas and learning about the history of the ranch.

Montello Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Room
Mangia! Established in 2014, owners Lorraine Montello and her son Garrett Spaulding have always believed that fresh California olive oil and aged Italian balsamic vinegar should be accessible, fun to learn about, and easy to enjoy. So, they designed a better oil and vinegar tasting room experience that's all about you. With free daily offerings that include complimentary bread, guests are encouraged to ask questions and experiment with the provided pairing suggestions.

Stepladder Creamery
Stepladder Ranch was founded in 1871 and has been family-owned and operated for three generations. Get to know their friendly herd of LaMancha goats and tour the creamery and milking parlor, then sample the delicious goat milk products they create-especially their signature goat cheese!

Linn's Farm Stand
Linn's began as one family's American dream. The year was 1977, and John and Renee Linn left the big city behind to farm fertile but rugged land on the Central Coast. Less than a decade later, the couple had a bustling fruit and produce stand, where the olallieberry-a then almost-unheard-of fruit that crossed a blackberry with a raspberry-reigned supreme, especially in Renee's pies. In fact, the Food Network's Mark Summers featured the now-famous olallieberry pie on his "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" TV show. Customers kept asking for more, and in 1989, a little red brick restaurant named Linn's opened in Cambria's historic East Village. As for that original stand? Linn's Fruit Bin Farm Stand is still around, and open seasonally. Stop by for a bite of olallieberry pie!

Farmers Market
Cambria's Farmers Market aims to provide the highest-quality seasonal produce and prepared foods to our community and visitors. Don't expect to find trinkets or crafts though, as this market is food only-focusing on providing the best local produce available on the Central Coast, all in one place.

Historic Walking Tour
Cambria is brimming with historic architecture dating back to the 1800s, and some of the landmarks are now home to delicious, local, farm-to-fork restaurants. Victorian architecture, popular when Cambria was becoming a bustling mining town, was the inspiration for many of the buildings still standing today. Interpretations of the historic style are mixed with more modern influences to create a quirky and welcoming atmosphere characteristic of Cambria. Whatever your preference, the local architecture is sure to inspire awe. See each tour stop in the Visit Cambria app by clicking Tours in the Explore section, then clicking Historical Tours. There are 28 historical landmarks on the tour to discover.

About Cambria
With its village charm, delicious flavors, natural wonders, and vibrant culture, the pine-studded coastal hideaway of Cambria, California has attracted those seeking rest, recreation, and renewal for over 150 years. Located along world-famous Highway 1, within minutes of Hearst Castle, Big Sur, and Paso Robles Wine Country, Cambria offers the perfect destination on the Central Coast with outdoor opportunities, boutique shopping, antiques, food and wine, history, art, and romance. To learn more about how to hide, seek, and find yourself in Cambria, please visit Your getaway awaits.

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