Rocket Studio Artist, Casey Leveque, Creates Poster Art for the Oscars

Rocket Studio Artist, Casey Leveque, Creates Poster Art for the Oscars

This year's 86th Academy Awards posters "Liquid" and "Spotlight" were created by Rocket Studio's artist and creative director, Casey Leveque, from designs by ad agency 180LA.

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, March 2nd at 7pm eastern on ABC and the history of the posters for them is as rich as the history of the Academy itself. Artists from Marvel's Alex Ross to famed film designer Saul Bass have created posters for the past Oscars.

"When they came to us to do this artwork for the Academy Awards, I was very excited. This was like a dream job to be working on," says Casey Leveque, who's father John Leveque was nominated for 4 Academy Awards for Sound Effects Editing in the 90's. "I have always wanted to do a poster for the Academy Awards growing up around it and going to them as a kid, so when we got the call from 180LA, I was prepared." He and his team at Rocket created the two posters for 180LA for the Academy Awards. They can be seen on The Academy's website.

Rocket Studio is a Los Angeles based creative production company offering retouching and CGI for print, broadcast and interactive content. They took off fast in the early 2000's with their work on the Apple iPod Silhouette campaign for Media Arts Lab and are known around the globe for their stellar work.

If you would like more information about these posters, Rocket Studio, or to schedule an interview with Casey Leveque, please call Judy Linden, Managing Director of Rocket Studio at 1-310-841-6000 or email her at judy(at)rocketart(dot)com. You can also visit Rocket's website at