Robert Emin Releases THE SCROLL MOSES

Robert Emin Releases THE SCROLL MOSES


While the Old Testament has the most detailed account of Moses, there is still a tremendous air of mystery surrounding one of the founders of monotheism. Or is he?

Egyptologist Robert E. Emin is an expert on the historical Moses, as well as the Moses offered to readers in religious texts. In the spirit of books like "The Da Vinci Code," Emin has written "The Scroll." Controversial and exciting, Emin explores ancient Egypt, the foundations of religion and how it has shaped our world.

"I have researched Moses for years," said Emin. "I noticed that there were similarities in Judeo-Christian tradition that can be found in the religion of ancient Egypt. Even in the Old Testament, Moses was raised as an Egyptian prince... it couldn't be coincidence."

In the book, a mysterious scroll is discovered in the Nile valley. Demanding immediate attention, French Canadian archaeologist Étienne Cloutier is summoned to decipher it. When he realizes that Moses is the author of the puzzling artifact, nothing is safe as interested parties vie for control of the old papyrus. In a web of murder and deceit, Cloutier faces an unending march of enemies who want to possess the scroll or destroy it - along with anyone who has read it. Cloutier must escape with the scroll and determine what to do with the document that has the power to upheave the world as we know it.

An archeological and socio-political adventure, "The Scroll" is as informative as it is entertaining. Written by an expert for laymen audiences, readers of the book will learn about ancient Egypt, biblical history and how the ancient kingdom's influence still exists in our society today - all while reading a thrilling story.

"The Scroll"
By Robert E. Emin
ISBN: 978-1-4907-3245-9
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Trafford

About the author
Robert E. Emin is an Egyptologist who has conducted field research in Egypt with the University of Alexandria. He has taught courses on "Medew Netcher," the language and hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt. His other book, "In Search of the Historical Moses," is a strictly academic exploration of the historical figure. He is an expert in archeological conservation and restoration who studied at Boston University and Tufts University. He is also a designer of fine jewelry that has been carried by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

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