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BWW Blog: Advice to My Younger Self


Continue to learn. Continue to practice. Continue to take every opportunity.

BWW Blog: Advice to My Younger Self

I am going to get straight to the point, theatre is not easy. It may be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. You are going to be constantly putting yourself out there and have to be vulnerable. You will be standing in front of your directors for middle school, and high school, and anything else you audition for and being vulnerable. You are going to constantly have their faces staring at you, and it is going to feel like those people are judging you, and critiquing you and nothing else. And when you don't get the part, you are going to think it's personal. And you will cry every time believing you are not good enough. That you will never be good enough. That you don't have what it takes to be an actor.

But none of that is true. When a director looks at you none of it is ever personal. They are seeing many talented actors, and it is their job to find the perfect fit for the role. And even though they are many equally talented actors auditioning including yourself, you may not be the right fit for the part. But that doesn't diminish any of the abilities and talents you have as an actor. The other side of the table is hard, and once you stand on that side you will understand none of their decisions are a reflection on your abilities, you just were not right for the part.

Speaking of, you are always working your ass off. Even though you can't afford private lessons, for acting or singing, you are taking any chance you get to learn and grow. You are always practicing. You are always learning. You are taking every opportunity you can get your hands on, even if it is just for a moment to be on the stage. Continue to learn. Continue to practice. Continue to take every opportunity. But remember if you are tired and you can't handle the next job, or the next gig, it is okay to say no. Your health comes first, always. You need to take care of yourself so when you do perform you are ready and prepared for the hard work and late nights that are coming your way. Take breaks and recharge! There is the saying the show must go on, but there can't be a show if you are not healthy. Both physically and mentally. It is okay to say no.

Theatre is what makes you the happiest and you know this. I can remember the ecstatic feeling of performing in our first show. I remember saying a line and the audience erupted into laughter. Something clicked. Something felt right when you were standing on that stage. You were at home. That doesn't change in the future. The theatre is your home, but you will find new ways to explore that space. You direct, you write, you paint sets, and you still act. You find new ways to express your love of theatre, and your love of storytelling. And I got to tell you, it feels fantastic. You are on the right path. If this is what you love more than anything in the world. If this is what gets you excited. If this is home. Then stay with it, and never lose sight of that. Work hard, take care of yourself, and keep telling stories.

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