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Student Blogger: Josie Reynolds - Page

BWW Blog: No Time at All
October 2, 2020

So it goes! Zoom theatre is officially in session at Niagara University! She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms has been an incredible show to be a part of so far.

BWW Blog: No One Is Alone
September 14, 2020

In this world we live in now, it can feel like we are floating all alone on an island. Personally for me it has felt like I am the only one going through what I am going through. In actuality, the more I have talked to my peers and my friends has made me realize that we are all going through this together. 

BWW Blog: Something Next to Normal - Auditioning During a Pandemic
August 28, 2020

Theatre has moved into a fancy new platform that I am sure we all are familiar with...Zoom. 

BWW Blog: Decisions, Decisions, and Nothing But Decisions!
August 19, 2020

Wait...what was that? You wanted me to make ANOTHER decision about the upcoming school year? I really hope that is not what you said... 

BWW Blog: Takes a Little Patience, Takes a Little Time
August 3, 2020

This storm will pass. The black clouds will return to their warm, and inviting white color. Life will return. I know it will. It has to. 

BWW Blog: Live or Virtual: The Ultimate Duel!
July 9, 2020

Heeeeeellllooooo ladies and gentleman! You could have been anywhere in the world but here you are, reading this amazing blog post on BroadwayWorld! The issue on the table: The differences between Live theatre and Virtual/Proshot theatre! 

BWW Blog: Building Something That's Gonna Outlive Us!
June 29, 2020

College can be quite daunting. Finding a place where you are meant to be can be extremely challenging. For me, it was all of the above. 

BWW Blog: Till We Reach That Day...
June 5, 2020

a?oeGive the people A day of peace. A day of pride. A day of justice We have been denied. Let the new day dawn, Oh, Lord, I pray... We'll never get to heaven Till we reach that day.a?? - Ragtime