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BWW Blog: From the Dust and Ashes...

Life will always rise from the Dust and Ashes.

BWW Blog: From the Dust and Ashes...

It has been awfully difficult recently to feel like reality is real. The beginning of this new year has already felt like a dream, constantly wondering if I will wake up.

When the insurrection happened on January 6th, it was hard to feel anything at all. It made me feel like a martian inside of my own skin. Witnessing an act of domestic terrorism caught on film, and broadcasted live was extremely hard to digest. I wanted to look away from my television, yet my eyes were glued to the screen.

That moment will always have an imprint on the folds or my brian.

It was historical. It wasn't just a moment that showed the true colors of Americans who live in this very country, but it was a moment inspired by a man who was the President of the United States. The President incited violence, and terror. I never thought I would ever type a sentence like that in my entire life.

Another thought came crashing in during all of this, or rather once the dust settled a bit shortly after Joe Biden's inauguration. The amount of theatre that is going to be created out of these important, and recurring moments in history will be abundant. These stories need to be told, and shared among the masses.

It is imperative we create. Something that I learned at the end of last year was that no matter what is going on around me, one thing that grounds me is when I am creative. Finding those ways to be creative and artsy during times of heartache and pain has helped me so much. I feel like a lot of different things will emerge from the ashes. Some of it already has, and some of it has yet to be created. And that's okay! It's okay to not create anything either. If I could suggest anything, it would be to find things that ground you and make you remember to live.

Staring at my phone screen or television was aiding to the loss of my humanity. Taking a break to center my thoughts, and find an outlet helped.

Things may still happen that will have to live through and grieve. Now, hopefully, you will be able to take a moment and go to a happier place for a minute. I encourage everyone to do that, especially still in the midst of a pandemic. Find you, remember you, and remember what is important. Life will always rise from the Dust and Ashes.

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