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BWW Blog: All These Little Things...

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I am counting down the days until I can experience all of these things once again.

BWW Blog: All These Little Things...

I miss live theatre.

I miss going to rehearsal a little bit early, and conversing with my fellow castmates about our days.

I miss needing a costume fitting.

I miss having to schedule said costume fitting.

I miss getting ready with everyone in the dressing room, and the hub of excitement within. I miss the lights beating down on my face, the warmth almost boiling my blood. I miss hearing the audience as they head to their seats in the house, laughing and conversing as they go.

I miss warm-ups, the togetherness of preparing as an ensemble.

I miss the laughter that echoes in my ears.

I miss bringing way too many things with me to the theatre for a show night. I miss asking someone for a pencil because I lost mine the night before during notes. I miss hugging my castmates.

I miss the stage manager's voice calling "10", "5", "Places".

I miss saying, "Thank you, 10", Thank you, 5", "Thank you, Places".

BWW Blog: All These Little Things...I miss wearing tights.

I miss applause, and the joy that comes with it.

I miss stage makeup, and dressing up.

I miss opening night jitters, the nerves pulsing through my body as I prepare for an energy, filled night.

I miss the call board, and barely being able to sign in because my hands are full everytime. I miss asking someone if they have extra hairspray, or bobby pins.

I miss not being able to see a single soul out in the audience because the light blinds my gaze. I miss sitting in the green room.

I miss being able to hug my friends and family who came to support me after the show. I miss that moment right before you enter for your cue.

I miss the fear of forgetting a line.

I miss that moment when it's your turn for curtain call, and you begin to walk out on stage hearing the crowd cheer specifically for you.

I miss holding hands and bowing as an ensemble.

I miss the moment you can finally take off your costume after profusely sweating in it. I miss when you're wearing a wig in a show, and you are freed from its hold on your head. I miss running into a set piece as I come off stage in a hurry.

I miss escaping back to the prop table because I forgot my prop.

I miss talking about theatre after viewing it on the way home.

I miss getting my program from the usher as I enter into a theatre.

BWW Blog: All These Little Things...I miss re-reading my program numerous amounts of times during intermission. I miss the awkward moment of walking past everyone in the show after it's over, unsure what else to say besides "Good show!"

I miss trying to catch a glimpse of who's in the audience from the wings backstage. I miss hearing the stage manager's cues from the ASM's headset.

I miss being sat close to other audience members, unable to move really at all. I miss hearing others conversations and thoughts about the show.

I miss seeing what season a theatre will have.

I miss walking the stage before the show, a final moment alone before the chaos ensues. I miss checking my props, and then checking them again.

I miss notes.

I miss when someone messes up a line and it's tech week.

I miss the drama of tech week.

I miss the late night rehearsals.

I miss spike marks.

I miss the set being taped out so the actors get a sense of where the set will be. I miss rushing to finish my makeup after warm-ups because I did not have enough time prior. I miss meeting new people.

I miss the joy.

I miss the feeling of being alive.

I miss.

And I am counting down the days until I can experience all of these things once again.

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