Drag Queen Sensation Moist Yeriza Comes to the Butterfly Club

Drag Queen Sensation Moist Yeriza Comes to the Butterfly Club

Dry and acerbic as a gin sling, full of late-night energy and deadpan rowdiness, Moist Yeriza will challenge what you think about drag queens. A woman playing a man playing a woman, singing I'm Your Man... how much more post-modern can drag get?

Bridget Haylock is Moist Yeriza, in all her deep-voiced, long-lashed, big-haired, and lurex-wrapped glamour. She wows the crowd in a cabaret show that is very intimate, and also quite loud and universal, a bit like Moist herself. She doesn't interpret songs so much as raucously barrel through them.

Moist Yeriza made her debut at Castelmaine's NQRFTP - Not Quite Right For the Part in 2017, an evening of cabaret that was part of the inaugural ISH (Insert Self Here) - queer ideas activism arts day, directed by Ternece Jaensch. Her wild irreverence was an immediate hit with the crowd. So Moist decided she wanted her own show and here it is!

Bridget Haylock has appeared in theatre, film, TV, music and radio productions in Australia and the UK and holds a PhD in Creative Writing. Awarded a full scholarship, she studied 'The Method' at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in London, and with members of The Actor's Studio, New York. Most recently Bridget appeared at The Engine Room in Bendigo, during the Castlemaine State Festival, and at La Mama in Sue Ingleton's Frailty; also at La Mama in a one-woman show about female pirates, Fortuna-Leeward Ho! co-written with Ingleton, who directed.

Drag Queen Sensation Moist Yeriza! opens on 1 February and runs for four nights only! Bookings recommended.

Dates: 1-4 February 2018
Time: 1, 3, 4 February 7.00pm, 2 February 6.00pm (60 minutes)
Cost: $25-32
Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Tickets: thebutterflyclub.com

Drag Queen Sensation Moist Yeriza! is a joint venture with writer and performer Bridget Haylock (Moist Yeriza), director Sue Ingleton (multi-award winning actor, director, writer and stand-up comedian. She has worked at MTC, STC, Belvoir St, Malthouse, La Mama and has toured Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK & Europe with her political, outrageous, truthful one-woman shows. Sue is a recipient of the Sydney Myer Individual Performing Arts Award, the Gloria Dawn/Gloria Payten Award, a Perrier Award Nomination at Edinburgh Fringe, and has performed at Adelaide International Festival of Arts, Montreal Juste Pour Rire, Festival of Fools - Penzance, many MICF's, and New York International Theatre Festival. She has written eight plays and two books. Sue is a shamanic healer and sacred celebrant and runs workshops in these areas), and musical director Paul Mortensen (multi-instrumentalist who when he isn't doing improvised electronica, can be found playing his Cook Island uke).

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