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VIDEO: Broadway Producer Ken Davenport Wants to Produce the RATATOUILLE Musical in Latest TikTok

Ratatouille the Musical recently gained popularity across TikTok.

Broadway producer Ken Davenport is the latest Broadway name to join in on the popular TikTok trend of Ratatouille the Musical, along with Kevin Chamberlin, composer Joe Iconis, and more.

The Ratatouille the Musical trend came from one creator's account and has sparked thousands of concept songs, along with stage designs and program artwork.

Check out Ken's video below!

READ: How Em Jacc's RATATOUILLE Musical Became Theatre TikTok's Latest Trend

#ratatouille #raratouillemusical #remytheratatouille #remy #musicaltheatre #musical #broadway #producer @e_jaccs @rjthecomposer @danieljmertzlufft

Ken Davenport (@kendavenportbway) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. | #ratatouille #raratouillemusical #remytheratatouille #remy #musicaltheatre #musical #broadway #producer @e_jaccs @rjthecomposer @danieljmertzlufft | My pitch to all the creators of Ratatouille The Musical!

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