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The Flying Karamazov Brothers Heading to Schimmel Center, 2/12-13


On Friday and Saturday, February 12-13 at 7:30pm, Schimmel Center at Pace University will present the internationally acclaimed quartet, THE FLYING KARAMAZOV BROTHERS.

Described as 'multi-faceted new-vaudevillians at the apex of their ambidextrous and alliterative ability.' The self-proclaimed eccentric lunatics spice things up with a zany showcase filled with laugh-out-loud comedy, wild theatrics, arcane errata, and astonishing juggling feats. Formed at UC Santa Cruz in 1973, THE FLYING KARAMAZOV BROTHERS have been seen around the world, on Broadway, on television and on the big screen.

They are not however, your father's wild-haired, flame-throwing, juggling, kilt-and-tutu-wearing performers. They are beloved by adults, students, students who watch Glee, tourists, theatergoers, theatre-avoiders, pseudo-intellectuals, Abe Vigoda, friendless geeks, hedge fund managers, hedge fund managers who are now Duane Reade assistant managers, kids (but only gifted ones with a solid background in the classics), disgraced religious leaders, Kardashians, and politicians. Pardoned? Incarcerated? They don't discriminate.

The Brothers featured on stage will be:

Dmitri Karamazov (aka Paul Magid, Director, Producer) co-founded the Flying Karamazov Brothers in 1973. Mr. Magid has created and written many shows for the Flying Karamazov Brothers. He also writes plays. His plays include The Three Moscowteers (1984, Goodman Theatre), L'Histoire du Soldat (1986, Brooklyn Academy of Music), Le Petomane (1992, La Jolla Playhouse, ACT-Seattle), The Brothers Karamazov (1993, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Arena Stage), Room Service (1997, Mark Taper Forum, ACT-Seattle), L'Universe (2000 ACT-Seattle, Berkeley Repertory Theatre), Life: A Guide for the Perplexed (2004 ACT-Seattle, A.R.T.), Don Quijote (2007 San Diego Repertory Theatre), Flings & Eros (2009, Merrimack Repertory Theatre). He has been directing and creating shows in Europe including Osare (2006), Mutamenti (2007) Quemar (2008). He also directed a series of outdoor theatre spectacles (for over 350,000 viewers) in Puglia including the Spanish group La Fura dels Baus (2008), Sogni Segni for the Pergine International Arts Festival (2009). He most recently created "Mirage for the Theatre of San Remo" (2011). He also produced and directed The Flying Karamazov Brothers for a year-long run off-Broadway at New York's Minetta Lane Theatre, on London's West End at the Vaudeville Theatre and in Madrid's premier theatre, Teatro Compac Gran Via. He loves and thanks his family, the whole mishpocheh, especially his two daughters.

Pavel Karamazov (periodically known as Rod Kimball - Juggling Czar). Eight of the following nine facts about Roderick Kimball are true: 1. Seven of the following eight facts about Roderick Kimball are true: 2. Roderick Kimball sent a Big Mac on a cab ride through the Portuguese countryside. 3. Roderick Kimball sang "Godless America" on stage at Carnegie Hall. 4. Roderick Kimball made bottled water come out Rosie O'Donnell's nose. 5. Roderick Kimball is his own eleventh cousin, once-removed. 6. Roderick Kimball climbed Mount Fuji wearing only a tri-cornered hat. 7. Reality TV and $100,000 got Roderick Kimball half a house in Florida. 8. Roderick's band, The Maestrosities, is The Coolest Band Ever. 9. Roderick Kimball informed Frank Perdue that there are chickens that lay green eggs.

Zossima Karamazov (Colloquially known as Stephen Bent, Assistant Music Director, Original Music) may be a lover but he ain't no dancer. Stephen owes his very existence to the Flying Karamazov Brothers, whose antics provided the entertainment for his parents' first date in 1982. Years later, he saw the Ks at the impressionable age of 13 and immediately set about trying to emulate his new heroes in every way. The facial hair results were disappointing, but the obsessive, social-life-crippling juggling seems to have paid off, landing him his dream job in 2008. After graduating from Occidental College (Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Et Cetera Ad Nauseam), Stephen moved to New York City, where he enjoys any combination of rooftops, Scrabble, spontaneous music-making, exhaustively rehearsed music-making, Thai food, good beer, unnecessarily long lists, Oxford commas, and interesting people. He thanks his family for their infinite support. And in the end, the love you take is equal the love you make.

Nikita Karamazov (aka as Andy Sapora) is happy to be back for another go-round as Nikita. His other job is to make a ruckus on the pediatric floors of NYC area hospitals through Big Apple Circus Clown Care. Andy teaches clown, improv, theatre, juggling and acrobatics to children and adults of all levels, privately and through Circus Warehouse, Big Apple Circus and Bindlestiff Cirkus. Andy's band, The Maestrosities, really is The Coolest Band Ever. He loves and thanks his wife, Elena.

Alexei Karamazov (secretly known as Mark Ettinger, Original Music, Music Director, Sound Designer). Comprehensivist, composer, conductor, and multi-instrumentalist, Mark's played piano with Bo Diddley, sung with The Bobs, conducted the Cincinnati Orchestra at Carnegie Hall and taught at the Mannes College of Music. He has released two albums of original songs, In This World and Songbirds of Tralfamador, and is at work on a third. His chamber opera The Triangle, based on texts by W.B. Yeats, was produced in 2005, and his score to Coming, Aphrodite (2009, La MaMa) was nominated for an IT award. He has been the music director for the Flying Karamazov Brothers since 1999 and has written music for seven of their shows. He continues to search inside and out for songs of enlightenment and hopes to get a little further down the path before the lights go out. He thanks his teachers for so much. He loves his family toasters mice elm leaves loons cathedrals words roses friends walking sunrise the dhamma and his family.

Ticket prices for THE FLYING KARAMAZOV BROTHERS at Schimmel Center at Pace University are $55 | $39 | $29

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit or call toll-free (866) 811-4111.

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