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THE FRIDAY SIX: Q&As with Your Favorite Broadway Stars - LYSISTRATA JONES' Patti Murin!

Welcome to THE FRIDAY SIX: Q&As With Your Favorite Broadway Stars. Want to know what hooked them to a career in the theater? Their dream roles? Their Broadway crushes? Read on!

This Friday we're featuring Miss "Lissie J" herself - Patti Murin, star of the new Broadway musical comedy, LYSISTRATA JONES. 

What is the first Broadway show you ever saw?
"Cats"! So cliché, right? I am totally of that generation, and I am never ashamed to say that I LOVED every single second of it.

What is your most unique pre-show ritual?
Practicing my basketball shots everyday! I can honestly say I have never done that before any other show.

What is your most memorable "the show must go on" moment?
Definitely the first time I went on for Kerry Butler in XANADU. We all entered through a trap in the stage that we would rise out of, and Kerry came out last and alone. In those 30 seconds that I had by myself that first time, I remember thinking "I could run away right now". And then it was clear that there was obviously no choice, no matter how scared or nervous I was. The show must go on! And it did, and it was awesome.

What is the one role you want to play before you die?
I could die happy if I got to play Guinevere in "Camelot". Oh, the simple joys of maidenhood!!!!!!

Who is your Broadway crush?
Well, obviously my husband, Curtis Holbrook! But if that's cheating, then I have to say Andrew Rannells. That's kind of cheating too because he's one of my best friends, but how could you not have a crush on him? He's gorgeous, hysterically funny, and one of the nicest guys in the world.

Where can people stalk you on the web?
Everywhere! On Twitter, @PattiMurin. On Facebook, just Patti Murin. And on my website,

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