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Student Blog: Self Care Is As Productive As Doing Homework

Let me share with you what I would do on a day off…

Student Blog: Self Care Is As Productive As Doing Homework
A Sunset View of Cincinnati's Bellevue Park

I'm sure you don't hear this enough, but you deserve a day off. A day where you absolutely don't need to do anything, but take care of yourself and relax. Whether it's for a mental or physical break, I feel that sometimes we forget that a day to ourselves is just as important and as productive as any other day.

As a student, but most importantly as an artist I feel that I always need to be doing something for something to be productive. I forget that it is as productive to work on myself as it is to do all homework or take an extra class. So this blog I will share with you some of my favorite things to do when I take "a personal day".

First things first, I cook myself a great breakfast to start, it usually consists of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and a big o'l cup of coffee. For me breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day, so why not start a day off with something delicious!

Here at the University of Cincinnati, the campus has so many great places to just hangout and enjoy the weather. So on a day off and if the weather is gorgeous, I would take a blanket and head to the field to read and layout in the sun. I love being outside and enjoying the weather, so on days like this I will surely soak up some sun and get some fresh air.

I know everyone has different ways of spending a day off, like doing absolutely nothing. But, for myself I like to do things that I love, but sometimes forget that I love to them. I get so busy and caught up on work that I don't always get to do my favorite things.Student Blog: Self Care Is As Productive As Doing Homework

For example, one of my favorite pass times is bullet journaling and since this semester has been a little crazy, I haven't had much time to give my bullet journal some love. So taking some time to journal and create my monthly layout and doodles are perfect for days like this! Its super relaxing and just what my brain needs to keep the creative juices flowing.

Finally, to end my day I will light some of my favorite floral scented candles and take a nice warm lavender Epsom salt bath to give my body a full moment of relaxation. As a dancer I use my body as my instrument that giving it some love and the relaxation it needs is just as important as strengthening and stretching it. So this is the perfect way to end it.

I hope I gave you some good ideas to get your self care day started and made you realize that you defiantly deserve it! You do so much hard work everyday that you need to remember that taking a day to just recuperate is so important. I'm all about self love and self care and you should be too.

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