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Student Blog: Passion Always Finds Its Way

Defying Limits!

Student Blog: Passion Always Finds Its Way

March 2021.


Hola! Thank you for clicking into this blog!

Wow, time has flown so fast, I mean we are in March already and today I was reflecting about that, and I came to the conclusion that it is amazing to be part of a community where time is the thing that matters the less.

Why do I say this? Look at us, we all love everything that has to do with performing and we have found the ways to keep shining and sharing even if most of live performances and most of cinemas are off. We have created platforms and channels to show our art and this is because of one thing: PASSION

If we weren't passionate about this, we would've been defeated by every situation. We would be in our homes doing other things. But today, we have created an online empire because when we are passionate about something, if there is any limit, we defy it.

I say this in every sense, I've been doing online school for almost a year and yes, it is really different but something is still the same: Our love to theatre and performing and our love to create and learn day by day. I wake up every day thankful and excited to attend to my classes because we are doing the things we love and we are using new tools to make the work interesting and connected. We have compassion and empathy with each other because we know some of us have different facilities and circumstances, we try to not push anything and we are not worried because we know we are doing the best that we can and we are keeping up because our passion makes us a strong community.

The people I look up to, like Broadway and Hollywood actors, and many other performers, composers, creators... have been there saving us, and saving themselves and I admire them even more. Like, the new things that have been created in the last year, are just wow, new, fresh, connected to the heart, original and this is because in times of crisis, in the times when we are more vulnerable and we connect to our passion, only good things can happen and wow I feel so relieved to acknowledge that and most specially, to be part of this.

I am here in Mexico sitting in my desk while I am waiting for my rehearsal to start and I feel so connected than ever, because my colleagues, the stage manager, the director and I, are sharing a strong objective, a strong passion and we are defying time, defying space because passion, defies it all.

Once again, thank you for reading me.
- Claudia Quintero Franco, a lucky and passionate Mexican girl.

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