Snapped Productions Presents MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, Beginning 2/14

Snapped Productions presents William Shakespeare's classic comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Gregory Couba directs a diverse cast, including Howard Collado, Jon Dalin, Jeffrey Delano Davis, Ann Gulian, Matt Kelley, Mary-Rose Mack, Norihito Moriya, Keith R. Oliver, Al-nisa Petty, Robby Ramos, Priyank Rastogi, Donny Repsher, Jon Adam Ross, Gonçalo Ruivo, Caleb Schaaf, Peter Van Derick, Gary Warchola and Tina Ward. Much Ado About Nothing will run at the 133rd Street Arts Center, 308 West 133rd Street in Harlem, New York City for 16 performances, February 14-March 2, 2013.

Love. War. Conspiracy. Sex. Betrayal. Death. Could all these things truly amount to Nothing? In Shakespeare's beloved comedy Much Ado About Nothing, Don Pedro and his men return victoriously from war to the house of Leonato, Governor of Messina. Proven in battle, Claudio proposes to Leonato's dutiful daughter Hero, to the dismay of his comrade, Benedick, who wittily battles with the Lady Beatrice on the demerits of love. The stage is set for merry conflict as those who jest at love are caught in a hilarious conspiracy to make them fall in love. Meanwhile a sinister plot brews to unmake Claudio and Hero's nuptials, setting in motion a series of events that challenge loyalties, test character, and examine the fickleness of life and love.

Incorporating a vibrant and diverse cast, Snapped Productions deconstructs outdated female archetypes, challenges masculine stereotypes, and advances the classic ideas about male/female relationships, seen here through a modern lens. Much Ado About Nothing is exactly that-the whimsy of human beings taking what should be simple - love - and making it absurdly (and often times, laughably) complex.

"A large portion of our current entertainment and public discourse has to do with male-female relationships, and as with many themes involving human nature, Shakespeare's plays never fail to shine a light on these issues," states director Gregory Couba. "Beyond gender politics, I really want to shine a spotlight on the women of Much Ado and their experience. Every women in the play is very smart, and they are often the most insightful regarding male?female relationships. I don't think that can be taken for granted or ignored."

Much Ado About Nothing plays for 16 performances from February 14-March 2, 2013 on the following schedule: Wednesday & Thursday at 7:30pm; Friday & Saturday at 8pm; Saturday at 3pm; and Sunday at 5pm.

Tickets are $22-$25 and can be purchased by visiting or by calling 347-762-7731.

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