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Neil Patrick Harris On HEDWIG Preparations & Special Saturday Late-Night Shows

Neil Patrick Harris On HEDWIG Preparations & Special Saturday Late-Night ShowsPopular stage and screen superstar Neil Patrick Harris opens up about his new Broadway leading role as the title character in Stephen Trask and John Cameron Mitchell's wild rock musical HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH, and its special 10 PM performances, as part of a new interview.

Commenting on the implementation of a unique show schedule for the idiosyncratic performance piece, Harris asserts, "What I didn't want is to do a matinee and 20 minutes in, have whole groups of people getting up, turning down their hearing aids, and walking out."

Harris qualifies his statement, adding, "That would distress me, because part of Hedwig is Iggy Pop in all of his f*cked-up glory. So I'm looking forward to squatting down in front of the first row and having people spit in my mouth. It's that kind of show. I'm anxious, one night, to fall backwards and be led on my back by people with their hands outstretched."

Harris continues, "I don't think that will ever happen, but that's the vibe I'm looking for - that's the vibe I have to embrace. I don't f*cking care - you gotta go to a nasty place."

Additionally, Harris says of his intense preparation for the arduous demands of the piece, "I started rehearsals f*cking yesterday, so my mind is all over the place. I'm thinking, What happens if I get the flu? What happens if I get a nodule on my vocal cord?"

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