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Marie's Crisis Weekend Warm-up
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Marie's Crisis Pianists Will Take Virtual Hiatus and Return in October

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The pianists have kept us singing since the start of the pandemic.

Marie's Crisis Pianists Will Take Virtual Hiatus and Return in OctoberWest Village dive Marie's Crisis has found a way to keep the music playing through the pandemic. As well as their usual appearances every Friday on BroadwayWorld's Weekend Warm-Up, the pianists have continued to play their regular sets daily on the Marie's Facebook group.

Now the Marie's gang has announced a brief hiatus before they launch 'Season 2' this fall. The official statement reads:

"Hello, friends and family of Marie's Crisis! We are so glad you're here in our online space. Can you believe we have been bringing you livestreams and video content every night for the last six months?

We have a special scheduling announcement! If 'Maries Group' was a TV show, this week would be the finale of Season One before gearing up for Season Two!

Our final night of streams on this page will be on Sunday, September 20th, and we will be starting back up again better than ever on Monday, October 12th.

In the meantime, keep up with your favorite Marie's Crisis staff members through their individual social media channels, and be sure to keep an eye out for this page - I'll be compiling schedules for our performers' individual projects throughout our little hiatus.

Now and always, we are so grateful for you all. Keep on singing, and we'll see you soon!"

In the meantime, sing along to past episodes of the Marie's Crisis Weekend Warm-Up, led by Kenney Green!

There are few places in New York City that are as iconic and well known as the shows and musicals on Broadway. Tourists from all over the world descend on the city and pay top dollar to see the most talented singers in the world perform in the city that never sleeps. Yet that culture and passion for broadway style music is not relegated just to midtown and broadway. Located within the West Village is a dive bar that epitomizes a deep love for show tune music, community, and fun.

Marie's Crisis Cafe is a bar that has roots all the way back to the 1850's when it was used as a den for prostitution and was also the building where Thomas Payne died (the writer of Common Sense in 1776). This history can still be seen in the fabulous French revolution themed mirror which frames the back of the bar. Unique in so many different ways, Marie's Crisis has been a staple of New York City for a very long time.If you want to have a drink in an authentic and unique place, Marie's Crisis Cafe is your best option. Besides, it is only 5 minute away from Fat Cat bar, so organize your 100% New York night.

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