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Debra Messing Reflects On SMASH & Looks Ahead To OUTSIDE MULLINGAR

Debra Messing Reflects On SMASH & Looks Ahead To OUTSIDE MULLINGARPopular small screen mainstay Debra Messing recently ended her tenure as headliner of the short-lived NBC musical drama series SMASH, yet the theatre-trained star is setting her sights on making her Broadway debut now that the Broadway-centric show has unfortunately ended after two seasons.

Reflecting on her time spent on SMASH and if it played a part in her decision to return to the stage and give the Great White Way a go at this point in her career, Messing says, "What it might have done is whet my appetite a little more than usual, Being in that pretend world."

Additionally, Messing adds, "But interacting with real Broadway stars it was absolutely thrilling."

Commenting on her new role in John Patrick Shanley's Outside Mullingar, Messing proclaims, "This is literally a lifetime dream finally becoming a reality."

Messing relates, "I fell in love with the theater at a very young age. It's been my first and most enduring love. And I always had a dream that someday I would perform a play on Broadway. All of the elements have come together in just the right way with Outside Mullingar."

So, what can we expect from Messing's character in Outside Mullingar? Messing states, "First of all, the play takes place in Ireland and the actor who I'm playing opposite is native to Ireland. So he doesn't have to worry about an accent, however I do want to have a very authentic accent so I am planning on working with a dialect coach."

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