BWW Interviews MAC-Nominated Cabaret Renegade Joshua Warr

BWW Interviews MAC-Nominated Cabaret Renegade Joshua Warr

Like a GLEE kid gone wild, Joshua Warr tears into the seven deadly sins in his MAC Award-nominated debut cabaret show, SING NO EVIL, which returns to the Laurie Beechman Theatre for one night only, April 8th. "Some of the greatest songs ever written are about sin, in one way or another," suggests the Potsdam, NY, native with a grin. "As humans, we're attracted to sin, because there's a certain thrill to it.

"When that thrill is enhanced by music, the story of the song is electric," he continues. "This show is about letting sin live in a productive way, through music. It's not about acting on your impulses, it's about transcending the evil... sharing that thrill and having the best time of your life!"

Besides showing audiences, if not the best time of their lives, certainly a naughty good one, Warr hopes that his performance on the 8th will introduce his song-and-dance act to a few additional MAC voters. "People sometimes ask, 'But why add the dance [element]?' My answer is always, 'Why not add the dance?' I think there's always room for a new idea or a new voice -- at least, I hope so," says the up-and-comer, who on stage brings to mind a sly, foxier Sean Hayes.

Although the twentysomething loves to push the envelope -- his rendition of "Sara Lee" is so dark, it "catches everyone off guard; people don't know whether to laugh or cry!" -- "I have had a terrific team working with me -- Miles Phillips, my director; Tracy Stark, my musical director; and Venita McLemore, my choreographer," he notes. "And they've made sure what I was trying to accomplish didn't alienate anyone in the cabaret community but rather was understood conceptually."

Whether he's proven right when the MAC for Best Male Debut is handed out on May 4, Warr insists he'll still feel like a winner. "I have always wanted to do a solo show, so this has been an incredible experience," marvels the young "old pro," who cites Ben Vereen and Barbra Streisand as key influences. "In fact, I'm working with my team on a follow-up show. I love what I do! That's why I do it -- I can't stop!

"If I'm honored with an award, I will be very happy," he concludes. "This show has been Miles' and my precious cargo for almost a year now, so I am truly humbled that the community is recognizing it in this way. But just getting the opportunity to work with Miles, Tracy and Venita... that's officially a career highlight!"

For more, visit: To reserve seats for Warr's April 8th performance of SING NO EVIL at the Laurie Beechman, call (212) 695-6909.


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