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BWW Interview: How Alex Brightman Was Summoned Back for an Encore Performance as Beetlejuice

Did someone say his name three times?

He's back! On Monday night on Cartoon's Network's Teen Titans Go!, Alex Brightman returned as Beetlejuice - this time in cartoon form. The two-time Tony nominee lent his voice to "Ghost With the Most" as a part of the network's Treat-A-Thon.

It's been 209 days since Broadway officially shut down and since Alex played his final performance at the Winter Garden Theatre. Now he tells us all about taking the show to the recording studio, why we need a cartoon reboot, and more!

How and when did this project come to you?

Our producer, Mark Kaufman, came into my dressing room after a performance and sort of sprung the news on me. He said that some of the Teen Titans Go people had seen the show. They were planning on doing an episode featuring Beetlejuice and they contacted Mark after the show and discussed the idea. Mark pitched me and vouched for me to the powers that be and they didn't audition anyone else. It was a very wonderful and surreal offer to get. But I'm also very lucky that I got a live showcase of my voice every night. That must have helped.

Did you watch the episode Monday night? What did you think?

I watched the episode when it aired. I was so excited to see it. I recorded it over a year ago and I was so anxious to watch what they did with the animation. It's amazing to watch it all come together. Sometimes I forgot it was me playing it. I was just having a ball watching. I thought I did a pretty good job if I'm being candid. :)

Did you find it any more or less challenging portraying the character without any of the physicality you're used to?

Luckily, I was able to move around a bit in the recording booth, so it wasn't all just static and standing still. I certainly did the Beetlejuice face that I do on stage while I was performing the voice. I can't do the voice without the face also activating. It's a package deal.

Is there any plan to do more? I know you mentioned on Twitter that you'd love a reboot!

There's nothing official planned regarding more cartoon Beetlejuice. However, I am being annoying to producers, agents, and the like about getting a reboot going. I think the world could really benefit from a raunchy, musical, off-the-wall version of a new Beetlejuice cartoon. Gears are turning. And I am going to continue to be loud about it.

I'm constantly surprised by the die-hard nature of the Beetlejuice fans. Has that stopped surprising you yet?

Nothing shocks me more than the loyal fan base for Beetlejuice. It hasn't died (pun completely intended) down. It's probably gotten more fervent. And that thrills me. In the beginning, we genuinely didn't think we were going to be a show that lasted. But thanks to the fans (who are some of the warmest people I have met in a while), our show is a hit and continues to delight people more and more every day. Nothing beats that for me. I love that people love it, and I don't take that for granted.

What else are you working on right now?

I am currently voicing a cartoon pug named Pugsley on the upcoming Netflix animated series DEADENDIA. It's going to be outstanding. Trust me on this one. I'm also developing a television show that I can't spill too much about. I narrated my first audio book. I've been cooking every single day. I'm teaching and doing Q&A's for Broadway Plus, Broadway Kids Auditions, A Class Act NY, Broadway Artist Alliance, Broadway Workshop, and many more (I like keeping that obvious?) I'm walking my dog (the adorable Kevin) about 73,000 times a day. I'm wearing a mask and so should you. And I'm getting really excited to vote on November 3rd. And so should you.

Just trying to find momentum wherever it is and make it worthwhile.

Oh yeah...I'm sleeping a little bit too. Just a little bit though. :)

Click here to watch more from the episode!

Brightman is a writer and Tony-nominated actor who has been seen on Broadway in School of Rock, Matilda, Big Fish, Wicked, Glory Days; on TV in "Documentary Now!," "SMILF," "Important Things w/ Demetri Martin;" and in one horror film where he was brutally murdered on a toilet. His musical writing credits include It's Kind of a Funny Story(Universal Theatrical), The Whipping Boy, and Make Me Bad, all with his writing partner Drew Gasparini.

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