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BWW Feature: Ten Pop Culture Clips to be Thankful for this Holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Whether you are with family and/or friends, or by yourself with a carton of turkey flavored Ben & Jerry's (don't act like you wouldn't eat that), there is plenty to be thankful for on this holiday. So, in the spirit of thanksgiving, I decided to put together a list of 10 pop culture people, clips, videos, ideas, and moments for which I am thankful. They are in no particular order, because, like family on Thanksgiving, you obviously know which ones you like better, but it wouldn't be in the holiday spirit to share that information publically.

I'm thankful for Whitney Bashor singing "Perfect" from the first professional production of Pasek and Paul's EDGES. This remains one of the most fully realized, heart-breakingly nuanced performances I have ever seen:

I'm thankful for Martin Sheen reading God the riot act in the National Cathedral in one of the greatest episodes in TV history, THE WEST WING's "Two Cathedrals:"

I'm thankful for #CloneClub and the weekly brilliance of Tatiana Maslany on ORPHAN BLACK, even if the show itself gets more and more ridiculous with each passing season:

I'm thankful for Brian Stokes Mitchell singing "The Impossible Dream" in the 2002 revival of MAN OF LA MANCHA. To this day, it remains the longest mid-show standing ovation I have ever seen, and deservedly so:

I'm thankful for Laura Benanti. I'm thankful for The Skivvies. I'm thankful for Laura Benanti with the Skivvies. This needs no further explanation:

I'm thankful for the pure fanboy enthusiasm with which Carlos Valdes plays Cisco Ramon on The CW's THE FLASH:

I'm thankful for just the existence of Anna Kendrick, but especially for her take on Nick Offerman's "Shower Thoughts." Beautiful, talented, and hilarious... I meant Anna, but it applies to Nick as well:

I'm thankful for Michael Jeter and Brent Barrett singing "Take a Glass Together" at the 1990 Tony Awards, which is, in my opinion, the greatest performance number in Tony history:

I'm thankful for Lauren Graham and for Alexis Bledel and for Amy Sherman-Palladino and for Netflix bringing back GILMORE GIRLS:

I'm thankful for my alma mater. I am thankful for the football Buckeyes, and, despite our embarrassing loss last weekend (the first in over 440 days), I'm thankful that I was not born a M*ch*g*n fan (sorry every performer on Broadway). Go Bucks!

What pop culture moments are you most thankful for today? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or on Twitter @BWWMatt. If you want to follow along with my "366 in 366" articles, you can check out #BWW366in366 on Twitter.

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