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BWW Blog: Room To Grow

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BWW Blog: Room To Grow

You've probably read enough "new year, new me" clichés to last you a lifetime, so let me spare you. No, I don't think I'm starting off 2020 as a completely changed woman. We're in the middle of the school year, and I really don't think there is much that can change overnight and magically transform me just because 2019 ended. However, I do believe that 2020 has the potential to bring forth opportunities that can lead to a change for the better in my personal well-being, success, and happiness. 2019 was an incredible year, and I think that with everything I have to look forward to this upcoming year, I have every reason to be optimistic and excited for what is to come. For me, this begins with my schedule of classes for winter quarter, as I am currently enrolled in two literary journalism courses and two drama courses. Having that perfect split between my two interests feels great, as I am learning ways to weave the two together and see the overlap present between writing and theater. I'm sure my journalism courses will be wonderful, but I wanted to take a second to chat about what I'm getting myself into with the drama classes.

I made the decision to add another acting class to my schedule, even though it does not count for any requirements I need, just units. Why? Well, in the new year, I wanted to try something new, and since I enjoyed the required acting class I took last quarter, I decided to just go for it, with the encouragement of a few friends who put my worries at ease. Yes, I approached this course with several reservations and the "I am not an actor" mindset, but honestly, so what? I'm acknowledging that these feelings are present, and my goal for this course is to let at least some of that go. That is progress, and that improvement and growth is what I strive for in taking this class. Someone recently told me to just go in, do the work, and soak up everything I can, as understanding actors' processes will be so essential to my own writing on theater. That advice came during a week that I was truly doubting what my place was in UCI's program, so thank you to that person, they know who they are.

I find so much joy in the course I am convinced will be my favorite I ever take: "History of American Musical Theater: Golden Age." I can't even begin to describe how much I needed a course like this. Not only are we studying my favorite time period in musical theater history, but the class itself is already teaching me so much that I truly need in order to write articles in theater journalism. I feel as though my professor is intentionally presenting people, shows, and historic events that I had minimal knowledge on before and making her students into experts on the subject. By the end of the first two-hour class period, I already had a four-page Word doc of notes, and I am ecstatic to see just how much I'll be able to learn during this 10-week term.

By the end of this first week, I have four papers to write, two musicals and a play to read, a play analysis, and two cast albums to listen to in their entirety. Never in my life have I been this excited about homework. I sit under the shade of orange and yellow trees on the arts campus, working with coffee in hand and my headphones in, and I can't help but acknowledge how lucky I am to love school. The feeling of getting to study subjects you truly care about feels like I have finally hit my stride in college, and helped me solidify my decision that this is the industry I want to work in post-grad. I can hear the wind rustle through tree branches and the chatter of students in passing, and suddenly, I realize that I am so happy where I am. So here's to 2020, or at least winter quarter, because so far, I see this year proving to be one of so much growth and awareness.

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