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Well, I doubt this will be the last time you hear from me, but it is my last blog for BW. Thanking Christina Mancuso for going out on a limb and asking me to share with you what goes on in my tiny little feeble brain. Funny how, when she first asked me, I so questioned myself. "What am I going to write about? Who wants to hear what I have to say?" I feel like things happen for a reason. Now whether it's for the right reason, that's between you and the Universe.

Honestly, it feels right as rain. I got to connect with people on a whole different level. I found that as I write, I visualize you reading my words and imagining how they might make you feel. I mean, it is a "feeling" Universe. Our emotions run ramped through our nervous ystem, eventually settling on a myriad of frequencies, energy that makes us feel the electricity in our bodies and reminding us that we are alive. I felt alive knowing that complete strangers are reading my energy, my thoughts, my feelings. What a way to connect?

Words are so powerful. Words have feelings behind them right as they leave your lips. And I found that typing these Blogs on a bi-weekly basis are just as powerful. The words I have
written have stayed with me, like a song that I just so earnestly memorized. I don't know. Maybe I'm being a little too corny here, but I find myself thinking about what I have written, a lot. And putting my "ego" aside, cause I am very good at doing that; it's the reflection of the words, like when you look at your reflection in a pool of water. Saying a word will send ripples through the water and connect whatever is in its way. Gosh, where am I going with this?

If I am getting too New Age here is because I am teaching myself the power of words and feeling in my own personal life. I am so aware of what I say not only to people, friends, family, but also to myself. Being aware of negative thought-forms is a practice. You get bombarded by negativity daily, even minute by minute. Sometimes you don't even know you are doing it or thinking it. And something happens to your body when you do. When you catch yourself saying or feeling anything negative, STOP! Take a deep breath and cancel it out. Just say, "cancel". You will be amazed at how your energy will shift. You will feel like you grew an inch, less stressed and grounded.

I guess for my last bit of words, I want to connect one last time with people on a whole new level. Maybe it will lift your conscience in a way that might joggle a few memories of who you really are. And if my little words get you through the day, then I have done my job as one soul to another. We are ONE, right?God! How many times have we heard that? Maybe you don't believe one damn word I just said. But think of this: If we can connect to our higher self, what would he or she look like? What color is the essence of you? (Not talking skin color.) I'm talking about frequency color. Who are you, really? This is part of my practice everyday. It gives me the courage to live my life fully awake. Or at least with one eye open! LOL! It makes me a better performer and helps me live my question. Think about that. What is YOUR question? We are always seeking the answer not knowing what the question is. That's deep right?

Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. I will miss connecting with you. But after today, I trust that our connection is on another level. What a planet it would be if words were felt and spoken beautifully.

See you again, soon!

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