Ann Hampton Callaway Seeks Entries from Across the Globe for 'At The Same Time' Contest

Ann Hampton Callaway Seeks Entries from Across the Globe for 'At The Same Time' Contest

First imagined in 1987, hit song "At The Same Time" was written by distinguished singer/song-writer Ann Hampton Callaway. The song was performed and recorded by icon Barbra Streisand in 1997 resulting in a number one spot on US Billboard Charts.

"At The Same Time" quickly became a global anthem illustrating the connection between people around the world, drawing on shared experiences in hopes to break down barriers and foster the spirit of unity and peace. The song's powerful message reminds us that no matter what experiences we may be going through in our individual lives, someone, somewhere else too, is going through the same thing, at the same time.

Reimagined on March 22, 2017 when Ann Hampton Callaway recorded her version of the anthem she invited those around the world to help create a healing, inspiring music video which celebrates and visually represents the uniqueness and oneness of the human experience.

She's opened an international music video and photo contest which calls for a concept unlike any we've ever seen: a video which incorporates images captured on the same day, at the same time.

When the contest first opened in March, Callaway was thrilled to see the response and number of participants, with entrants spanning across the globe. Right away registrants represented more than 20 countries and regions including Japan, Iraq, New Zealand, and South Africa, suggesting that this is a message of importance.

Ann stressed her vision: "The major focus of this contest now that I'm extending the dates is to get as many entries from as many countries possible. My vision is to include every corner of the world."

In hopes of expanding the reach of the video to encompass even more countries Callaway decided to extend the dates through June 24th, allowing for more participation from many more regions to be a part of this piece of history in the making.

The concept of this video hinges on the message Callaway infuses in her lyrics.

"Think of all the hearts / Beating in the world / At the same time / Think of all the faces / Telling stories of our lives/ At the same time"

A key element of this video is to show real footage captured at the very same moment across the world illustrating lives that are happening simultaneously. All are asked to join in this conversation advocating for unity with a mindful understanding that none of us have to be alone.

Three options are available to participate - all options focus on "At The Same Time" lyrics. Multiple submissions encouraged in all categories.

- Capture a 30 second video on June 24th at 1:00 PM (GMT) with any device. Show what's happening in your life, letting the lyrics of the song guide and inspire you.

- Create a 5-minute full-length music video

- Snap a photo or submit photos from travels

Contest dates:

- Registration Deadline: Wed., June 21, 2017

- 30 Second Video Shoot: Sat., June 24, 2017 at 1:00 PM (GMT) - Find your local time conversion at the World Time Server

- Submission Deadline: Mon., June 26, 2017

Prizes include a free download of Ann Hampton Callaway's "At Last Album" just for registering, as well as multiple awards up to $2,000.

Ann adds, "At this time in history when we are experiencing so much violence, divisiveness and fear, this is an opportunity to come together and celebrate what is beautiful in life and focus on what we all have in common."

For full contest details and to enter visit You can follow Ann Hampton Callaway on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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