Cole Sternberg's you'll miss your riding lesson tomorrow' Set for 12/7

December 4
2:48 PM 2012
Cole Sternberg's you'll miss your riding lesson tomorrow' Set for 12/7

n artist Cole Sternberg's ongoing socio-political discussion, Sternberg delves into the idea of consumption as a perceived 'right' of Americans; a 'right' that is perpetuated and celebrated by the media to thus spread like wildfire through the world. On Friday, December 7, 2012 from 4:00pm - 7:00pm, Cole Sternberg along with Flaunt Magazine and Primary Projects present a conceptual performance, gestural painted photographs and works on canvas and linen.

The title 'you'll miss your riding lesson tomorrow' is stolen from Franz Kafka's Amerika in which Sternberg plays with Kafka's flawed version of the country, the concept of the wealthy as the horse riding community and a partying culture where the next day has no schedule to abide to.

The works presented throughout a penthouse address societal issues through the guise of dreams, economics, religion and the media. Sternberg explains, "this is an ongoing discussion and progressing performance. The character is America. America is five percent of the world's population and consumes twenty-four percent of the world's resources. The performance, a blacked out room animated by the blank stare of a baseball pitcher in all black who is surrounded by hundreds of all black beer bottles, the statement 'one day' projected in the artist's handwriting, together express the character's bullying affect and the ability to consume with no regret."

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