Lady Gaga Slams Katy Perry in a Tweet?

May 10
10:42 2014
Lady Gaga Slams Katy Perry in a Tweet?

On May 8th, Lady Gaga tweeted: "It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now." While she doesn't name who it is she's referring to, many believe that she is criticizing Katy Perry.

On May 7th, Katy Perry kicked off her Prismatic tour in Ireland. During her performance, one of her costume changes included a bright green wig. And then, for Dark Horse, Perry rolled out on a mechanical horse decorated with Egyptian markings.

Lady Gaga's tweet seems geared towards Perry as a form of criticism for copying her style. Recently, Gaga herself did a photo shoot in which she wore a neon green wig and she also sports similar costume styles in her ArtRAVE tour. And then, for the American Music Awards, Gaga made her entrance on the back of her own mechanical horse.

The singers have been viewed as rivals in the past, but Gaga refuted those claims earlier this year. Perry, however, has yet to respond to Gaga's tweet.


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