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Wikimedia Launching Wikivoyage Travel Site on January 15

January 11
9:09 2013
Wikimedia Launching Wikivoyage Travel Site on January 15

Wikipedia's found Jimmy Wales revealed last night on The Colbert Report that coming up from the not-for-profit foundation would be Wikivoyage, launching officially next week. Like other sites from the Wikimedia foundation, it's said to be a not for profit.

The site, which aims to be a free, worldwide travel guide that anyone can edit, it already up to 26,618 articles in English during its beta period. Check it out here.

The project was started as a fork of the German version of Wikitravel in September 2006 with the specific intention of avoiding commercial interests after Wikitravel was acquired by the for-profit company Internet Brands. The fork was founded by the German association Wikivoyage e.V., and went live on December 10, 2006. Content is published under the copyleftlicense Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

In mid-2012 Wikitravel's English-language version community-including most of the administrators and most of the Wikivoyage community-sought to reunite the Wikitravel and Wikivoyage communities under a new non-commercial project. They approached the Wikimedia Foundation to explore their interest in hosting such a project, which sparked a successful travel guide proposal that was approved by the WMF board of trustees in October 2012. The site was moved over to the WMF servers in December 2012 and is to be officially launched January 15, 2013.


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