Cellese Promotes AnteAge with Well Known Esthetician Melissa Travis Aardema

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Cellese Promotes AnteAge with Well Known Esthetician Melissa Travis Aardema

Cellese Corporation announced "esthetician to the stars" Melissa Travis Aardema of Calabasas, California will immediately begin collaboration in marketing and educating the public about AnteAGE ® , Cellese's newly launched adult human stem cell based anti-aging cosmeceutical. Ms. Aardema will be demonstrating the product in the Cellese booth at the BeWell Expo being held September 29 and 30 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

"Ms. Aardema is a highly respected and knowledgeable professional who evaluated our product for over two months before agreeing to join our team", said Dr. John Sanderson, the founder and CEO of Cellese. "She used it herself and on several clients before contacting us to tell us she was extremely impressed and wanted to help educate the public about it."

With her biology training at Cal State Northridge and a love of all things beautiful, Melissa made a decision in 1984 that has taken her to some pretty amazing places, including up close and personal as esthetician to some of the biggest names in movies, television, music, and politics. The Calabasas, California resident respects the privacy of her clients too much to drop names but is quick to point out the list is pretty impressive.

"Academy award winners, action movie heroes, daytime soap and talk show stars, pop divas, rap moguls, directors, producers, even high elected officials - I've introduced dozens to the latest in skin care and esthetic medical procedures."

Ms. Aardema has striven throughout her career to be on the cutting edge of her profession. "Just as facials were beginning to be appreciated by the medical community as beneficial for many types of skin disorders, I was beginning my practice" Aardema says. Because she emphasized "medical facials", she was fortunate to work with some of the top dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, who soon began to refer their celebrity clients to her. Many remain her clients today.

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