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Kiln Theatre Announces Full Programme For MAPPING BRENT

Kiln Theatre Announces Full Programme For MAPPING BRENT

Kiln Theatre today announces the return of Mapping Brent for its third consecutive year. This 10-day youth theatre festival will see Kiln Theatre work alongside community venues across Brent as well as welcoming young people back to the building.

Taking place in Stonebridge, Kilburn and Neasden, Mapping Brent aims to build lasting relationships with communities and provide opportunities for local youth to engage in theatre; making work that is relevant to them.

The project will culminate in six new and original performance pieces performed at Stonebridge Hub, St Catherine's Church Hall, Kiln Theatre and The Grange Business Hub. Professionals from across the industry involved, include playwrights, Eno Mfon, Gail Babb, Carmen Nasr, Simon Brett and Sonia Jalaly; and directors, Stevan Mijailovic, Harry Mackrill, Dionne Reid, Tash Marks, Gail Babb and Ruby Thompson.

Indhu Rubasingham, Artistic Director of Kiln Theatre, said today "Over the last three years, Mapping Brent has given us the opportunity to engage with young talented people, partnering up with communities across Brent as well as exciting playwrights and directors. This work is an integral part to Kiln Theatre's identity and I look forward to hearing the voices and stories of Brent's young people."

Roxan Kamali, Creative Learning Manager at Kiln Theatre, said today "Mapping Brent youth theatre festival is a culmination and a celebration of Kiln Theatre's work with young people in Brent. It is integral to our work that young people have the opportunity to take part in making theatre. By working in three different areas of Brent we are engaging with a variety of young people in the borough. Six groups have been working alongside a full team of inspiring creatives that have helped stage and share their stories. This year we are also very excited to bring two groups back into the building; our Kiln Young Company and Kilburn youth theatre.'

Stonebridge Youth Theatre
Written by Eno Mfon

Director: Stevan Mijailovic; Designer: Verity Quinn; Lighting Designer: Jai Morjaria; Sound Designer: Xana Movement Director: Sean Hollands; Assistant Directors: Anyebe Anteyi & Moni Onojeruo; Young Director: Freddie

Stonebridge Hub
9 & 10 April 2019

Angela is on a pursuit to find her missing sister, who has become lost in the strange world of social media. But will Angela make it out of this cyber space? Can she ever escape it... can we ever escape it? This play explores the ability of social media to both connect and isolate people.

Eno Mfon is a writer, performer and director. As a writer, her credits include Check the Label (Bristol Old Vic), The Tide (Young Vic) and Birdwoman (Bush Theatre).

Stevan Mijailovic directs. His theatre credits include One in Three (Hill Street Theatre), Caddywhompus (Hungry People Theatre); as Assistant Director Shoot / Get Treasure / Repeat (Royal & Derngate).

Neasden Drama Group 2
Written by Gail Babb and Neasden Group 2

Director: Gail Babb; Designer: Lucy Sierra; Lighting Designer: Jai Morjaria; Sound Designer: Xana; Assistant Directors: Ewa Dina & Kaleya Baxe

St Catherine's Church Hall, Neasden
10 & 11 April 2019

They've beaten classmates, teachers, even their parents, but can they beat The Show?
Are these teen terrors as big, bad and brave as we think they are?

Can they work together to survive one night in a creepy church?

Tune in to find out if they'll win the jackpot and turn their lives around!

Gail Babb is a theatre practitioner, producer and lecturer. She was producer for Participation and Learning at Talawa Theatre Company from 2007 - 2018. She has created shows for a range of settings including theatres, National Arts Festival in South Africa, museums and schools.

Kiln Young Company
Let Kilburn Shake
Written by Carmen Nasr

Director: Harry Mackrill; Designer: Verity Quinn; Lighting Designer: Jai Morjaria; Sound Designer: Xana; Composer: Taurean Antoine Chagar; Movement Director: Chi-San Howard; Assistant Director: Robert Awosusi.

Baldwin Studio, Kiln Theatre
13 April & 14 April 2019

In 1767 a holy well is discovered. In 1968 a man buries himself alive for 61 days. In 2003 a city rises in protest. In 2028 a group of people scroll and scroll and scroll...

Carmen Nasr is a playwright. Her theatre credits include The House of My Father (Finborough Theatre) and Dubai (Finborough Theatre). She is currently the Channel 4 Playwrights Scheme Playwright in Residence at the Finborough Theatre.

Harry Mackrill directs. His theatre credits include Boy with Beer (The Kings Head), Things Will Never Be The Same Again (Tricycle Theatre), Look Back in Anger (New Wimbledon Studio); as Associate Director Peter Gynt, Angels in America (National Theatre); as Assistant Director Wig Out!, The Motherfucker with the Hat (National Theatre), The Slaves of Solitude (Hampstead Theatre), The House that will not Stand, The Colby Sisters, Red Velvet (Tricycle Theatre).

Neasden Drama Group 1
Written by Tash Marks and Neasden Group 1

Director: Tash Marks; Designer: Kaajel Patel; Lighting Designer: Ciaran Cunningham; Sound Designer: Xana; Assistant Director: Millie Bianchini

The Grange Business Hub, Neasden
16 April 2018

In a colourless land of grey and isolation, the people long for another way to live. Finding a book underground, they uncover the secrets of what their land used to be; colourful, bright and joyous. But are they able to transform their land into what they have been longing for? A story of rediscovering what it means to bring colour and happiness into your life and the world around you.

Tash Marks directs. Previous theatre credits for Neasden Young Company include The Quest For Happiness (St Catherine's Church Hall).

Kilburn Youth Theatre
Written by Simon Brett

Director: Dionne Reid; Designer: Lucy Sierra; Lighting Designer: Jai Morjaria; Assistant Director: Katie Greenall

Baldwin Studio, Kiln Theatre
17 April & 18 April 2019

'Look. This person is like 37 years old or summat. I tried to talk to him about that film on Netflix.. Man don't even know what Netflix is! I don't know what more there is to say!'

Dr Fera isn't exactly popular with the young people in school. In fact, there's a bit of a revolt going on. For the young people, Dr Fera represents everything they're not. For Dr Fera, young people are simply a waste of time. When school detention reaches tipping point between them both, something needs to give, fast.

The Gift is a journey of deeper understanding, ambition and unveiling more than what meets the eye.

Simon Brett is a writer. His theatre credits include White House and Man-Child (Space Arts Centre).

Dionne Reid is a director, producer and singer. As a singer she has performed at Glastonbury and Wireless. As a producer she has worked with Lyric Theatre and Sadler's Wells Theatre.

Neasden Youth Theatre Group 3
Written by Sonia Jalaly

Director: Ruby Thompson; Designer: Kaajel Patel; Lighting Designer: Ciaran Cunningham; Sound Designer: Xana; Assistant Director: Jack Tricker

The Grange Business Hub, Neasden
18 April 2019

BUMP is about what it means to remember. It's about dancing to Candy at birthday parties. It's about us.

We've become a bit obsessed with remembering and we're not even old enough to forget yet. Did you know, when we're older and we look back at our lives, this is the time we'll remember the most? Here. Right now. Our teenage years. That's a scientific fact. So, what's going to stick? What will you remember?

Sonia Jalaly is a writer and performer. Her theatre credits include The Boy Who Grew a Twisty Tale (The Herd Theatre), Butter (Vaults Festival), Happy Birthday Without You (Tricycle Theatre) and Women of Tackley (John Thaw Studio).

Ruby Thompson directs. Her theatre credits include Transmission Space (The Yard Theatre), Take the Stage, The Way of the World (Donmar Warehouse), Happy Birthday Without You (Tricycle Theatre), Retreat (Southwark Playhouse), Boxes (Contact Theatre).

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