Hamilton's Theatre Aquarius offers INHERIT THE WIND

Hamilton, Ontario, April 19, 2006 … 

"I'm so very proud of the Hamilton lawyer who first pioneered the genre now known across the continent as the "lawyers' show". First 12 Angry Men, then A Few Good Men and To Kill a Mockingbird, and now our lawyers hit the stage again to put Evolutionism on trial in Inherit the Wind" says Max Reimer, Theatre Aquarius Artistic Director.


Starring in Inherit the Wind……


Braden Adsett, Peter Anderson, Jerome Bergart, Rick Bialachowski, Ed Canning, Alan Cooper, Jim Cimba, John Ellis, Ian Gordon, Toni Hammond-Grant, Dominque Krawchenko, John Krawchenko, Jasper Kujavsky, Deb Loft, Taylor MacIsaac, Patric Mackesy, Asgar Manek, Randolph Mazza, Virginia Mendes da Costa, Warren Milko, Don Morris, Robert Murdoch, Dermot Nolan, Steve O'Brien, Geoffrey Read, Tara Sciara, Gabriele Settimi, Kim Smith, Sandee Smordin, Jay State, William Tidball, Paul A. Vayda, Robert S. Whitmore, Roger Yachetti, Bernd Zabel, and Martha Zivolak.


The creative team for Inherit the Wind…..


Ray Harris (Director), Max Reimer (Associate Director), Luigi Borghesan, Stephen Newman, Max Reimer (Set Co-ordination), Nancy Bowe (Costume Co-ordination), Heather Cornick (Lighting Designer), Kirk Palmquist (Sound Designer), Beth Bruck (Stage Manager), and Beth Harris (Assistant Stage Manager).


Tickets for Inherit the Wind can be ordered by calling the Theatre Aquarius Box Office at 905.522.7529, toll free 1.800.465.7529, or in person at the Dofasco Centre for the Arts, 190 King William Street, Hamilton.  Visit the Theatre Aquarius website at www.theatreaquarius.org.



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