By Dudley Moore and Peter Cook

Directed by Jim Russell and Amy C. Ragg

June 23rd, 2013 at 3P.M.

The Carrollwood Players have created a well-deserved niche for themselves, by including non traditional plays in their programming. I have been known to tell people, "You won't see the same old play, at the Carrollwood Players". And the current offering is no exception.

I have been a professional in show business for over 40 years and just when I thought I had seen everything, (a few times even), NOT! I had never even heard of a play called "GOOD EVENING", never mind having never seen it. To my delight, Carrollwood Players produced a thoroughly hilarious, "SMASHING" production of a Sketch Comedy, entitled "GOOD EVENING".


"GOOD EVENING", written by the "Fathers of Modern British Humor", Dudley Moore and Peter Cook, opened on Broadway in 1973 at the Plymouth Theatre and in 1974, moved to The Lunt-Fontanne Theatre for 438 performances. Dudley Moore and Peter Cook won "Special" Tony Awards for their contribution to the 1974 Broadway season.

"GOOD EVENING", is a series of 14 sketch comedies, for 2 male actors, who play 28 different characters during the 2 Act presentation. Obviously, this type of show will simply bomb, unless you have the good fortune to cast 2 remarkably talented actors.

Directors, Jim Russell and Amy C. Ragg, grabbed the brass ring, with the brilliantly talented casting of Eric Misener and John Watson. These actors are exceptionally talented and they give a First Class, Professional performance. You will not find anyone more suited for these specialized, challenging roles, than these 2 extraordinary talents.

"Move over Monty Python, Meisner and Watson are here!"

The comedy "team" of Meisner and Watson, are the new "Laurel and Hardy" of Carrollwood! And seeing these skilled thespians LIVE, is even better. Their British accents are right on and their comic timing, physical comedy, and chemistry is astounding. You would believe that they have been doing these routines for 100 years. And they land every joke, pratfall, and tak to the audience, like old stand-up comedy - pros.


It takes an extraordinary director to stage sketch comedy, and the Carrollwood Players put their trust on the "right" directorial team, of Jim Russell and Amy C. Ragg. It was apparent, that each sketch was thoroughly rehearsed and staged, as its own mini play. The pace of each sketch was simply sensational. There was never a lag or dull moment, and the production flew by, thanks again to the actors and to the directors. BRAVO!

The set design, by James Cass, is always excellent. The many designs that Mr. Cass creates for such a small playing area, are quite impressive. This set is reminiscent of a movie studio setting, where the actors can easily travel from one scene to the next, without having to move set pieces or props. The lighting design by Frank Stinehour, the sound design by Vanessa Marie Baez and Jim Russell, and Costumes by James Cass and Jen Martin were perfect.

This production of "GOOD EVENING" is a rare treat, and is quite "special" for many reasons, and it is not a "typical" community theatre production.

Do not waste another moment. Call the box office now.

You will be glad you did!

For mature audiences only.

Please support Community Theatre and all of the volunteers, that put in endless time and talent, to make the magic happen, simply... "for the LOVE of the theatre".

"GOOD EVENING" runs June 21st through June 29th, 2013
Ticket Prices $18.00 There are special Student/Military and Senior discounts are available upon request
CALL - (813) 265-4000
The theatre is located at 4335 Gunn Hwy Tampa, Fl, 33618
The next production at Carrollwood Players is "LOST IN YONKERS", July 12th - August 3rd, 2013