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BWW Review: PERNILLA WAHLGREN HAR HYBRIS at Lilla CirkusPernilla Wahlgren has Hubris

In 2018, Pernilla decided to celebrate 40 years on stage and her 50th birthday with a show. It was supposed to be a few shows in Stockholm, but ended up on a tour around Sweden for almost 1,5 years and about 140 000 sold tickets. For her part in the show she won Best Actress on BWW Sweden Regional Award 2019. She been having huge success as playing lead roles in musicals such as Annie, Annie Get Your Gun, Grease and Pippi Longstocking. And in her youth she even had a small part in Ingemar Bergmans Oscar Award winning film Fanny and Alexander. She also been a very popular pop-artist. In the last years she been having a huge success with her reality show "The World of the Wahlgrens", having one of the most popular pods and bloggs. So there is no wonder that she has Hubris!

The last show barely stopped before she unveiled a new script to her friends Hanna Hedlund, Kim Sulocki, Måns Nathanelson and Ola Forssmed. Yes, that's exactly where her new show Pernilla Wahlgren has Hubris takes on. The poor friends kindly call home to their families and declare that they probably won't be home tonight either. But poor Kim has no family and the numbers of friends no longer work, Ola's children do not recognize him but think there is some ugly guy calling. Being on tour with Pernilla apparently has a high price! Pernilla thanks her friends for their efforts, a speech that is constantly interrupted by messages from her various sponsorships. The friends want to go home so they come up with the idea that they have to find a man for Pernilla and the show through, we then follow how they try to find someone for Pernilla and find out what it is she really wants. For everyone who was and saw the pod show at Göta Lejon, you know exactly what Pernilla wants. Such a funny number when she and the whole ensemble sing about it. A song that they did not dare to include in the previous show as it was considered a bit to rude. But this time they seen the audience is ready for it. From the pod show they also included Pernilla is in a dating program. Pernilla has over the years participated in a lot of TV-shows and programs and in the show they have a great ironic part where she teaches her friends how to act in various TV-shows. There are some favorite characters from the previous show which are back in this second show, but which ones you have to see the show to find out as I do not want to take the surprise laugh away.

It's a very funny show and you laugh almost all the time as you have five comic geniuses on the stage. Timing in the lines is perfect. Sometimes no lines are needed, but the body language and facial expressions say it all. The clothes also enhance the comic in all numbers. When Kim, Måns and Ola dresses as women it is not done in a way to make it the perfect woman, on the contrary they allow a hairy chest to bee seen. They all seem to have so much fun when they do. Although it is Pernilla Wahlgren's show about her life as an artist, reality star and sponsored media person that is the focus, it is in many way an ensemble show, for what is a person without her friends? What makes it so much fun is the interaction between the five, and how they make fun of each other and themselves with so much warmth and love. They complement each other in a wonderful way. They are making jokes about other celebrities as well, but even that is done in a very humorous and warm way so I think they feel proud to be part of the show.

It is a crazy funny show about a single woman who is 52 years old with everything that it means. Pernilla has a self-insight as few others and gives so reveals so much of herself in the show. As she says in the show herself, she is like an onion which is peeled layer to layer by herself and she does it in front of an audience laughing with her. It's a show with high quality of the scenery, light design, choreography, directing and the scrips is great. All performed by these brilliant actors. They really shows that they are Sweden's best and most complete comedy group (although they are not formally a comedy group) but they have everything. They can sing, dance and deliver jokes in a way that, although vulgar and challenging, never feels clumsy and cheap, it's just fun and the laughter the audience reward them with all the time comes from the heart. The Hybris show is played in Stockholm and around the country throughout 2020 so if you want to have a fun evening, you should definitely make sure to get tickets as this has everything to make it a huge success.

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Photo: Pressphoto by Rebecca Rynefeldt

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