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Angels in America - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Tony Kushner Playwright
Gilad-Rogowsky Producer
NT America Producer
Red Awning Associate Producer
Nick Barnes Puppetry Design
Steven Baruch Producer
Kash Bennett Producer
Jane Bergère Producer
Lisa Burger Producer
Finn Caldwell Movement
Puppetry Director
Puppetry Design
Paule Constable Lighting Design
Ian Dickinson Sound Design
Jean Doumanian Producer
Marianne Elliott Director
E. Price-LD ENT. Producer
Chris Fisher Illusions
Richard Frankel Producer
Suzanne Gilad Producer
Nicky Gillibrand Costume Design
Robby Graham Movement
Nicole Kastrinos Associate Producer
Franki De La Vega Associate Producer
Rocco Landesman Producer
(President Emeritus, Jujamcyn Theaters)
Dayna Lee Producer
Brian Lee Producer
Tim Levy Producer
Paul Libin Producer
(Executive Vice President Emeritus, Jujamcyn Theaters)
Benjamin Lowy Producer
Ian MacNeil Scenic Design
David Mirvish Producer
Carl Moellenberg Producer
James L. Nederlander Producer
(President, The Nederlander Organization)
Rufus Norris Producer
Mark Pigott Producer
Jon B. Platt Producer
NT Productions Producer
Larry Rogowsky Producer
Daryl Roth Producer
Jordan Roth Producer
Marc Routh Producer
Philip J. Smith Producer
(Chairman, The Shubert Organization)
Bespoke Theatricals General Manager
Tom Viertel Producer
Jack Viertel Producer
(Senior Vice President, Jujamcyn Theaters)
Robert E. Wankel Producer
(President, The Shubert Organization)
Barbara Whitman Producer