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Nora Ephron Playwright

Production Staff

Nora Ephron Playwright
Batwin & Robin Productions, Inc. Projections Designer
William Berlind Producer
Roger Berlind Producer
Colin Callender Producer
Adam Casini Associate Projection Designer
Robert Cole Producer
Peggy Eisenhauer Lighting Designer
Jules Fisher Lighting Designer
Kamilah Forbes Associate Director
Peter Fulbright Production Manager
Roy Furman Producer
Jane Grey Production Stage Manager
Scott Huff Associate Producer
Scott Lehrer Sound Designer
Toni Leslie-James Costume Designer
101 Productions, Ltd. Executive Producer
Douglas L. Meyer Producer
Stacey Mindich Producer
David Mirvish Producer
The Shubert Organization Producer
(In Association With)
Cambra Overend Stage Manager
Sonia Friedman Productions Producer
(In Association With)
David Rockwell Scenic Designer
Daryl Roth Producer
Thomas Schall Fight Director
Eric Schnall Marketing Director
Philip J. Smith Producer
(Chairman, The Shubert Organization)
James D. Stern Producer
Nicky Tobolski Associate Costume Designer
Robert-Charles Vallance Wig & Hair Designer
Robert E. Wankel Producer
(President, The Shubert Organization)
George C. Wolfe Director
Brian Zeilinger Producer
Scott Zeilinger Producer
Brian Zeilinger Producer
Frederick Zollo Producer



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