BWW Review: Café Nordo's SUNDOWN AT THE DEVIL'S HOUSE is Anything But Hellish

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BWW Review: Café Nordo's SUNDOWN AT THE DEVIL'S HOUSE is Anything But Hellish
Rebecca M. Davis and the St. Judas Stringband
in Sundown at the Devil's House at Cafe Nordo.
Photo credit: Joe Iano

Don't let this worry you but it's time to summon the Devil. Well that's the conceit of the current show at Café Nordo, "Sundown at the Devil's House". And while they may not summon up THE Devil they do summon up some delicious food, hilarious and touching antics and rockin' music making for a devilishly good time.

Welcome to the annual gathering of the Secret Satanic Society of Fallen Angels whose members (Kai Curtis, Alyza Delpan-Monley, Madison Jade Jones, and Cody Smith) have been gathering since 1862 to summon the Devil but have never succeeded. But maybe tonight will be the night. They have all the things they might need, food, souls & song. Their souls are willing, the song is plentiful thanks to the rocking St. Judas Stringband (Mai Li Pittard, Ryan Jochim, and Aaron J. Shay) and the food ... well ... their usual chef had an accident with a temperamental blender but their bartender Frank (Rebecca M. Davis) is filling in so it'll be fine. Things turn out more than fine when they do actually summon the dark one and she's come to share with us fallen angels her story and set us down a path where we just take what we want.

Café Nordo featured "Sundown at the Devil's House" as part of their Pressure Cooker series last summer where they would give emerging local artists the opportunity to work in the Nordo playground with a limited budget and time constraints and see what they come up with. "Sundown ..." was such a hit that they brought it back for a full production and be glad they did. Chef Erin Brindley has once again concocted a delectable meal that perfectly complements the down-home nature of the show. Starting with an appetizer of dates stuffed with mango chutney and roasted almonds wrapped in bacon we began the evening with a series of flavor combinations that just kept coming. And that was only the opener as we segued to Buffalo Deviled Eggs, a Garden of Eden Salad, Jambalaya and Buttermilk Cornbread and finally Mississippi Mud Pie. Is your mouth watering? Well mine was!

And if all that wasn't enough for an evening we were also treaded to a killer trio of musicians with some original songs from Shay, Eddie DeHais and Pete Irving, that backed up the delightful story written and directed by DeHais. then there was the ensemblE. Davis makes for a formidable Devil and commands the stage as she tells her tale. Curtis and Delpan-Monley make for an adorable Adam and Eve as they begin to figure out the world, B.A. (Before Apple). Smith and Jones deliver a heart wrenching Faustian tale of love and loss.

Nordo shows consistently bring in a fun evening but sometimes it's the food that really shines and sometimes the story or the talent. This time is was all three working in perfect and delicious harmony that made this one of my favorites. And so, with my three-letter rating system, I give "Sundown at the Devil's House" a devilish YAY+. Just come on down, learn the secret handshake, and tuck yourself in for the arrival of the Dark Prince. You'll only have to surrender part of your soul, I promise.

"Sundown at the Devil's House" performs at Café Nordo through August 6th. For tickets or information visit them online at

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