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Student Center Blog: Multitasking Moments IN THE WOODS

William Peace University's Theatre Department will present Stephen Sondheim's INTO THE WOODS from February 13-23, 2013 at the Leggett Theatre. BroadwayWorld is thrilled to welcome one of the shows's stars, Maigan Kennedy (who will play The Baker's Wife), as she blogs the exciting journey to the stage.

Hello again, BroadwayWorld! It's been an interesting and busy couple of weeks getting ready for our production. We have little time for basic needs (like the three essentials: eating, sleeping and studying), but we do find little moments here and there during rehearsals.

For example, Dula can demolish a sandwich in the blink of an eye.

Sarah, our Assistant Sound Director, is as swift as lightening with her chopsticks.

Dalton tries to catch up on homework, but usually winds up watching sports on (We have a test in Psychology on Friday, Dalton!!)

Daryl phones her mom for an emergency sock run. Mom brings the wrong socks. Daryl is not pleased.

We have discovered that Jenn is made of 98% sugar, and we're fairly certain that her skinny vanilla lattes are to be thanked, in part.

Erin likes to catch up on sleep. Dream sweet, Little Tiny.

But one of the best multi-taskers in our company has got to be Jessica Becker- ballerina, singer, actress, athlete, pageant queen, aerialist, puppeteer, prankster and loyal friend! Jessica is our Dance Captain and Milky-White for Into the Woods!

She grew up in Carolina Beach, North Carolina where her family has always had their feet in the door of the arts. For example, her mother was in a few musicals when she was younger, and she would sing Jessica to sleep with Day By Day from Godspell.

Jessica began entering pageants at age 11, and she needed a talent for competitions. This is when she began dance classes. She immediately fell in love with being able to express emotion without having to speak, because she had always been a shy, quiet person.

She has loved each of the 7 roles she's had the opportunity to bring to life, from Bertha in Jane Eyre, a Kit Kat Girl in Cabaret and now an old cow in Into The Woods.

Jess would like to thank The Clown for popping its ugly little head up during rehearsals, and for scaring the living daylights out of Jason Dula.

(Imagine discovering this bad boy sitting on the hood of your car at 11 at night. Creepy!)

Stay tuned for more adventures Into the Woods!

Maigan Kennedy is a sophomore in the Musical Theatre BFA program at William Peace University. Before college, she spent a year in Turkey, where she learned the language and taught music to children. She has played Celimene in a student adaptation of Moliere's The Misanthrope, and Jesus in Godspell. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the cello, transposing Gregorian chant, and writing autobiographical blips. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her coffee maker and sundry overdue library books.

For tickets and to learn more about INTO THE WOODS at William Peace, click here.

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