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BWW Blog: Waiting and Wailing, Whining and Waning…

BWW Blog: Waiting and Wailing, Whining and Waning…

Hello again Broadway world! This week has had both highs and lows, but fortunately more highs than lows! I'm officially on a three week vocal rest in order to heal some thickening in my vocal cords, and it's proven to be fairly difficult to maintain, as even things like yawning and sneezing sometimes utilize the vocal cords. However, I remain optimistic, as I wait to hear back from theatre companies regarding summer auditions. Since a lot of these companies are back in my home state of Colorado, I sent in video auditions to several and am still anxiously awaiting to hear if I "got it". Waiting is probably one of my least favorite aspects of being in theatre.

I've never really considered myself to be an impatient person in general, but for whatever reason I am when it comes to cast lists. I should think I would have gotten used to it by now, being in theatre for as long as I have, but every time I get this tingle of anxiousness that I can't seem to shake away until I hear the news, either one way or another. Most of the time I don't really get upset if I'm not cast, but the nervousness still builds in me regardless.

They say that patience is a virtue, and I definitely agree, even if I haven't personally learned it. While I'm hoping I am able to get the opportunity to perform once again this summer, nothing is truly guaranteed, since not everyone who auditions can get in. If I'm not cast, hopefully I will have an opportunity to be a part of a production in a different way. But for now I shouldn't jump to any conclusions, one way or another, and should just focus on the present moment. Maybe do a face mask, read or write a bit, and unwind with some showtunes to relish the last few moments of my weekend. Anything to keep me distracted from these butterflies in my stomach. Stay optimistic!

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