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Review: AN AMERICAN IN PARIS at Crown Theatre

Review: AN AMERICAN IN PARIS at Crown Theatre

A stunning feast for the senses

Part ballet showcase, part classic musical, and all spectacular theater production, AN AMERICAN IN PARIS is a phenomenon of theatre that ticks all the boxes. You'll be amazed from the very beginning until the very end by this stunning show.

The very beginning of the show paints a picture of recently liberated Paris immediately after World War II, and it immediately grabs your attention with the superb staging (and a bit of magic) drawing audible gasps from the audience. From there the show does not relent, with outstanding choreography adding to a rich theatrical tapestry.

In the part of Jerry is Cameron Holmes, a genuine triple threat who has resumes in musical theatre and ballet that would be impressive on their own, so it's amazing to see such accomplishment in both areas. His singing is outstanding, his acting exceptional, all complimented by wonderful dancing. His performance harks to, but never imitates Gene Kelly. Seldom off-stage, Holmes is a delightful presence throughout. Cast perfectly as Lise is Dimity Azoury, whose credentials are similarly impressive. As a principal with the Australian Ballet it is no surprise to see flawless dancing, however she truly showcases her other theatre skills in this role. The chemistry between Holmes and Azoury is clear for all to see, their interactions genuine and heartfelt, and their dances add to their evolving love story as the show progresses.

Review: AN AMERICAN IN PARIS at Crown Theatre
The chemistry between Cameron Holmes (Jerry) and Dimity Azoury (Lise) is no more
obvious than in their wonderful dance pieces.

Driving the plot in the part of Henri Baurel is Sam Ward, whose vocals win over the audience immediately, and his acting ensures people sympathise with his character and want him to succeed. As the philanthropic but somewhat brash Milo Davenport is Ashleigh Rubenach, who has all the charm and confidence her character demands with wonderful vocals to boot. Her stage presence is incredible and it's hard to take your eyes off her. In the part of Adam is Jonathan Hickey, an exceptionally talented performer who seems right at home in the role of an entertainer. Anne Wood makes an excellent Madame Baurel, her disdain for Henri pursuing an artistic career perfectly balanced by Jeremy Stanford's loving and accepting Monsieur Baurel.

In taking on the difficult task of directing and choreographing AN AMERICAN IN PARIS for its debut, Christopher Wheeldon deliberately used the medium he knew best- dance- to enhance the storyline, and this much is obvious throughout, with the dance pieces perfectly complementing each part of the show. The outrageously make the technical aspects look easy. It took an impressive array of creatives to bring the show to life here, and there is absolutely nothing lost in translation, with the show hitting every mark perfectly. Ashleigh Rubenach and Jeremy Davenport reflected on the complexity of the show in my interview with them.

Review: AN AMERICAN IN PARIS at Crown Theatre
The show combines contemporary and classic musical theatre.

AN AMERICAN PARIS is nothing short of a theatrical feast for the senses, with stunning visuals and vocals throughout. Whichever aspect of musical theatre you most enjoy, you will find yourself delighted. Phenomenal staging and sets, eye-catching costumes, brilliant choreography performed by world class dancers, a cast full of triple threats, and a classic Gershwin score combine exquisitely in this must-see show.

AN AMERICAN IN PARIS is at Crown Theatre until July 24th. Tickets and more information available at An American in Paris Australian website.

Photos thanks to Darren Thomas.

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