Victoria Rae Sook Biography

Birth Place:
Arlington, Texas

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Birth Place: Arlington, Texas
Gender: Female

Victoria Rae Sook is a native of Dallas, Texas where she grew up singing along to Barbra Streisand, reading Shakespeare with her mom, and dancing in the Fort Worth Dallas Ballet Company training program. A triple threat since kindergarten, Victoria Rae found her first professional performing job at OhLook Center for the Performing Arts.

Victoria Rae graduated high school from Interlochen Arts Academy and attended college at Millikin University and Chicago College of Performing Arts before completing her Acting degree at the University of South Florida. Throughout her education, she honed her skills as a classical actress, a musical theatre performer, a director, and a playwright, working with artists such as Bill T. Jones, Luis Perez, and The Frantic Assembly Company from London, England.

Victoria Rae performed in parades and shows at Walt Disney World for five years and absolutely loved creating the magic. She has been featured in Disney performances on ABC, TNT and the Disney Channel. On stage and screen, Victoria Rae has acted in TV shows such as Smash and Gossip Girl, in films such as I Am Not What I Am and Vigilante, and in plays such as Houdini Among the Spirits, Legally Blonde, Dames at Sea, Antigone, Othello and Cabaret. Her writing has been showcased several times by the Reasonable Facsimile Theatre Company in Chicago and she claims a total of four plays and two books of poems. She has directed several plays and favorites include Alice in Wonderland, Grease, and Envoy.

Victoria Rae is the founder and Artistic Director of Ensemble Atria, Performing Arts, Inc. Ensemble Atria was nominated for several awards at last year’s Midtown International Theatre Festival for their performance of Belinda Bremner’s Envoy and won for best scenic design. In addition to a staged reading repertore and a web series, they are performing in MITF again this summer with Bill Zeffiro’s Frame 313 and have applied to participate in Fringe 2014 with Brian Doyle’s Light Break Apart.

Proud to have performed in Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida and England, Victoria Rae is proudest of all to currently be a working actor in New York City. She is delighted to be a member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA and resides in Manhattan with her much loved cat, Desdemona. She continues to sing along with Barbra, read Shakespeare, and dance every day. "Keep Moving Forward."