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Rising Sun Performance Company Announces THE RITES OF SPRING Plays


The festival will present the world premiere of eight new plays, each running 10 minutes in length.

Rising Sun Performance Company Announces THE RITES OF SPRING Plays

Founding Artistic Director Akia Squitieri announced the play lineup for the Rites of Spring, Rising Sun Performance Company's upcoming Virtual Theatre Festival.

"Rites of Spring" was co-conceived by the staff and ensemble of Rising Sun Performance Company, featuring the talents of 60 theatrical Artists, representing 5 countries, and streaming in from across the U.S in 3 different time zones. Each team was divided and assigned randomly, our playwrights were given 48 hours to write brand new work created for their assigned director and actors. The festival will present the world premiere of eight new plays, each running 10 minutes in length.

These talents come from Indie, Regional, and Off-Broadway theatre, and the plays will be presented as LIVE virtual performances on Saturday, March 13th at 8 PM and Sunday, March 14th at 5 PM.

Streaming Live exactly one year after theaters have been closed, this virtual play festival will offer eight original plays focused on spring's renewal, hope, and various traditions. Through Rites of Spring, we continue our exploration of this ever-changing and growing New Medium, and expand on how we foster theatrical creativity.

The Rites of Spring Play Line Up:

Chasing Juliet

On her quest for the ultimate Instagrammable life, Jane faces obstacles she never expected.

Written by Kati Frazier ^

Directed by Brock Hill

Cast: Lluvia Almanza ^, Anel Carmona ^, Orlando F. Rodriguez ^, Maya Schnaider*, Zarra Kaahn

The Year of the Fall of May

The Celebration of May parade always a highlight for the citizens of Mayfield. So why are the band, the Queen, and the parade organizer missing with less than an hour until start time?

Written By Susan Goodell^

Directed by Paige Washington

Cast: Jo Walker, Natalie Osborne, Rick Benson^

The Rite-ing On The Wall

On the verge of desperation, Mateo contacts a mystical agent to help him get rid of the disturbing blotches that mysteriously appeared on his wall.

Written By Anel Carmona^

Directed By Crystal Ramirez

Cast: Johnny Blaze Leavitt†, Mateo Moreno†^


Riots of Spring - The Audition

A satirical look at an actor's audition, come spring.

Written By Becky Saunders † *^

Directed By Antonio Miniño †^

Cast: Ellie Mae Miller, Sean Phillips †^, Samantha Simone † *^

Blue Man Manakins

In this play, as in nature, a troupe of male blue manakins rehearses a collaborative musical theater piece to woo a female of highly discriminating taste.

Written By Molly Kirschner^

Directed By Lanise Antoine Shelley

Cast: Ita Korenzecher^, Jennifer Iris Rivera^, Chris Jumper ^†*, Stephanie D. Barney^

Spring Cleaning for Mrs. J

Mr. J is a wonderful and loving husband, except for one thing, he never listens to his wife. Even when a cursed bird threatens to imprison the couple for all eternity.

Written By Orlando F. Rodriguez^

Directed By Mia Y. Anderson

The Cast: Luana Seu^, Judd Silverman^, Josephine Pizzino^

Miracle Birds

Miracle Birds tells the story of Stan, who meets three beautiful women, in a "post covid" world. The three women introduce him to these special kind of birds that grant people's finest wishes, but is everything Stan experiencing real or a figment of his imagination.

Written By Ben Dworken

Directed By Paul Andrews

The Cast: Jonathan Wong Frye*, Jennifer Atkinson^, Isabelle Barany, Mary Sheridan*^

Eggs In One Basket

Nature-loving Jade takes new boyfriend Josh, a naturephobe, home to meet her family in the woods. And, I mean the whole family, loves. Even fae folk who meddle in mortal ways.

Written By Donna Latham^

Directed By Chelsey Smith^

The Cast: Raiane Cantisano^, Raul Chavez, Samuel Neagley ^ & Maggie Kissinger^

This event is suitable for most audiences, and is recommended for 12 years and older. Performances will be Closed Captioned.

Tickets start in tiers at $5 and a pay what you model can to ensure that financial barrier is not an issue for audiences.

Tickets are available via Eventbrite and via Rising Sun's Website For additional information:

Virtual Ticket Buying Guide

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