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EATfest, Series C: Art, People, Great Ones

Emerging Artists Theatre is presenting their Spring EATfest 2007, a festival of 9 short plays.  The plays are broken down into three sets of three, and I caught Series C, which included My Name is Art, by Peter Snoad, directed by Kelly Haydon; Some Are People by Kathleen Warnock, directed by Mark Finley; and One of the Great Ones by Chris Widney, Directed by Jonathan Warman.

My Name is Art is an amusing piece about funding for art.  In an art museum, Gloria, a blue-collar Big Gulp-slurping woman (played with relish by Andrea Alton) argues with Anthony (Scott Klavan) about whether the art they're viewing (piled styrofoam boxes) is worth the money her taxes pay to spend on it. Tim Intravia is a startlingly visionary presence as an artist who has made himself his own work of art.  Simply and effectively directed by Kelly Haydon, it is very entertaining.

Some Are People is the heavyweight of the night.  Taking place in the Gay summertime mecca Provincetown, it is about a beautiful drifter who comes to town for the Summer and disrupts the lives of two kindly residents.  It's beautifully observed and very touching.  Kathleen Warnock's plays never provide cookie-cutter characters; these people are lonely, defiantly Queer, and full of love that they don't know what to do with.  Brett Douglas alternates between funny and sad as Tommy, a drag queen who goes by the name Miss Fitt. Janice Mann, as Anna, is a perfect scrappy, gruff-till-you-get-to-know-her, dyke/masseuse/tattoo artist.  And the angelic Karen Stanion brings the story into focus as Lydia, the tourist, who loves both of them but who has secrets of her own.  Deftly directed by Marc Finley, it's a powerful and moving piece, sure to appeal to anyone who's ever been told "It's not you, it's me; you deserve someone better", only to discover that they were right.

One of the Great Ones is an hilariously farcial skit about an amazing Librarian (Jane Altman).  When Lee (Vinnie Costa) comes in with a question for a scavenger hunt, just as the library is closing, Enid Stump, the Librarian, jumps into action, assisted by library ensign Jimmy (Ashley Green).  Hank the Janitor (Marc Castle) doesn't believe she can find the answer before the library closes.  All the actors are comic perfection, and the direction never flags.

If the other six plays in the EATfest are as good as these three (and from overheard lobby scuttlebutt, they are), it should be a good evening out.

The EATfest plays a three-week limited engagement at Theatre 5 (311 West 43rd St 5th Floor—btw. 8th and 9th Ave). Performances begin Tuesday, March 13th, and continue through Sun Apr 1st, 2007. Tickets are $18.00 and $10.00 with student ID. TDF accepted. For reservations, please call (212) 352-3101 or visit

Series A
Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 pm, Sunday at 2 pm
Postcards from a Dead Dog by F.J. Hartland, directed by Troy Miller
A mother and son find a way to connect through a series of postcards from their dead dog.
    With Jason Hare and Jacqueline Sydney*

The Questioning by Frank Higgins, directed by Lorrel Manning
A female American officer learns the ropes about the art of interrogation from a female Iraqi.
With Alexandra Devin*, Suzan Mikiel-Kennedy, Danielle Quisenberry*

ClapTrapp by Joe Godfrey, directed by Melissa Attebery
These hills are definitely alive with the sound of musicals from the entertaining Von Crapp family.
With Amy Bizjak, Laura Dillman*, Steve Hauck*, Hershey Miller*, Courter Simmons*, Christopher Voeller*

Series B
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 pm, Sundays at 5 pm

Vamp by Ry Herman, directed by Kel Haney
Love can be a pain in the neck when the woman you fall for is certifiable
    With Tracee Chimo*, Blanche Cholet*, Philip Guerette, and Stacy Mayer*

Tell by Rodney Lee Rogers, directed by Ian Streicher
A father and daughter try to out grift each other on where their lives are headed.
    With Laura Fois* and Ryan Hilliard*

Third Wheel by Monica Flory, directed by Ned Thorne
Dating becomes so much more interesting when there's a third.
With Erik Baker*, Aimee Howard*, and Claire Tyers

Series C
Thursdays at 7 pm, Saturdays at 5 pm and Sundays at 7 pm

My Name is Art by Peter Snoad, directed by Kelly Haydon
Two strangers in a gallery share their views about an abstract piece of art.
With Andrea Alton*, Tim Intravia*, and Scott Klavan*

Some are People by Kathleen Warnock, directed by Mark Finley
A different kind of summer in Provincetown, for 2 regulars and the interesting woman who can even shake up a drag queen.
With Brett Douglas*, Janice Mann, Karen Stanion

One of the Great Ones by Chris Widney, directed by Jonathan Warman
The tried and true grit of a veteran librarian proves that human is better than machine.
With Jane Altman* and Marc Castle*

EATFest plays the following regular schedule through Sunday, April 1st.

    Tuesdays at 7 pm – Series A
    Wednesdays at 7 pm – Series B
    Thursdays at 7 pm – Series C
    Fridays at 7 pm – Series A
    Saturdays at 5 pm – Series C
    Saturdays at 7 pm – Series B
    Sundays at 2 pm – Series A
    Sundays at 5 pm – Series B
    Sundays at 7 pm – Series C

Tickets are $18 and are now available online at or by calling (212) 352-3101. Tickets may also be purchased in person on the day of the performance at Theatre 5, 311 West 43rd Street, 5th Fl.

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