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D'ILLUSION: THE HOUDINI MUSICAL Announces Launch of Audiobook

Watch the Trailer Below

d'ILLUSION: The Houdini Musical announces the launch of an audiobook set for the end of Summer 2020. The project will feature a full audio experience including dialogue, orchestration, songs, foley sounds and narration all recording remotely during this time of self-isolation.

d'Illusion was conceived by Bálint Varga. The book and music are by Varga, and lyrics by Lia Barcellona Tamborra. Early in the process, Mihály Kal Pintér participated in the creation of the show and Nicole Hughes served as a production consultant on the book.

The new musical tells the story of Erik Weis, a penniless Hungarian immigrant in America and the price he had to pay to become the legend we now know as Harry Houdini. The show is a story about determination, passion and a life-long commitment.

Watch the official trailer below!

"I wanted to create something amidst this incredible time we're living in, to keep theater alive, keep actors creative and to keep our theater community together,' stated Varga. "Houdini was one of the most inspiring artists in history, an immigrant from Hungary (where I'm from), who built his legacy from nothing and strove for the top, against all odds."

Julian R. Decker (Sunset Boulevard, Les Miserables) will play the title role of Erik Weiss/Harry Houdini. The audiobook cast will also include Rico LeBron (Make Believe) as Theo Weiss, Quiana Holmes as Bess Rahner, Ben Toomer as Martin Beck, Laney Allan as Mina "Margery" Crandon, Adam B. Shapiro as Samuel Weiss and Tiziana Turano, Marina Vishnevskaya, and Pilar Martinez as the Floral Sisters. Additional supporting roles will be filled by Alex Kidder, Kayla Dixon, Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze, Miguel Angel Vasquez, Natalie Schroeder and Sofie Poliakoff. Additional vocals and ensemble needs will be filled by Reagan Danel Ogle, Sophia Nepoyda, Maddie Wurth, Elena Barykina, Lindsay Nicole Steinberg, Claire McConnell, Zoey Rae, Luke Brown, Ethan Smith, Lilla Molnár, Shannon Ignatius Cheong, Sebastian Twohey - Jacobs, Joshua Downs and William Hornby.

Stage directions and narration by Rick Roemer. The role of Celia Weiss will be cast at a later time. Additionally, cast members are from the United States, Germany, Russia, New Zealand, Hungary and the Netherlands. Instrumentalists: Jack Murray, Jay Meachum, Alice De Silva, Moe Ferrara, Marc Malsegna, Brigi Borbely, Brigitta Bognar and Drew Nichols. The instrumentation will include keyboards, drums, percussion, electric bass, guitars, trumpets, trombone, reeds, violin and violoncello. Varga will orchestrate and Patrick Kelly will serve as the vocal music director.

d'ILLUSION: The Houdini Musical is a new musical about the life of Erik Weiss who later becomes the legend of Harry Houdini. With a creative team consisting of Bálint Varga, Lia Barcellona Tamborra, and vocal music director Patrick Kelly, the musical is currently recording a full audiobook for release by the end of Summer 2020. For more information, visit

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