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BWW Interview: Diomargy Nuñez and LAS CRUCES at Premiere Stages on Kean University Campus 9/1 to 9/18

Premiere Stages, the professional theatre at Kean University, will present Las Cruces by Vincent Delaney, the winner of the 2016 Premiere Stages Play Festival. The show will be performed from September 1st to September 18th in Kean University's Zella Fry Theatre.

Las Cruces is set in the New Mexico desert, not far from the casinos and the spaceport. Mr. Delaney's enigmatic story of buried secrets, improbable friendship, and unexpected redemption follows Sheridan, a Connecticut man who has fled his life on the East Coast under mysterious circumstances, and Soledad, the wisecracking, teenage card player he befriends. Las Cruces is directed by Premiere Stages Founder and Producing Director, John J. Wooten. The play stars actors, Brian Sutherland, Charlotte Cohn, and Diomargy Nuñez. had the opportunity to interview Diomargy Nuñez who plays Soledad.

Diomargy Nuñez is a New York based actress, whose recent credits include Law & Order: SVU, Money Monster, and I Love You... But I Lied. She earned her theatre degree at CUNY's City College of New York and she recently originated the role of Prima in Idris Goodwin's break-beat play The Realness, directed by Wendy Goldberg, which had its world premiere at the Merrimack Repertory Theater. Diomargy believes that theatre is a transformative and emotional force and she is super excited to be a part of this wonderful project!

When did you first become interested in theatre arts?

I've kind of always known that I wanted to be in a creative field. My earliest memory of having interest in being a performer is at the age of 9. I have a relatively indecisive personality so when I was in college trying to decide what I wanted to study, I went through several different major changes. Ultimately, I chose theater because I could just play all the occupations I wanted to study on TV. Haha!

What are some of your inspirations in the business?

I draw inspiration from all of my surroundings. I try to constantly go to art galleries, museums, music festivals, shows and I watch a lot of tv so I see things that inspire me everyday. I'm a huge fan of seamless, simple and honest performances and one of the most recent Theater Productions that I can recall really impacting me with how beautiful it was all around was Deaf West Theater's Spring Awakening. It's one of my favorite musicals so I loved the music of course but the use of silence in the show and the honesty that each performer exuded was so refreshing.

How do you like working with Premiere Stages?

Premiere Stages is located on one of the most beautiful campuses I've seen in the Tri-State area. It's a joy getting there and walking through the gorgeous willow trees before every rehearsal. John is so great and laid-back but so brilliant and it's been such a great experience to work with him and to see his process. Also, huge shout-out to our amazing SM and ASM Dale and Mary-Kate they've been so great to our cast, I really appreciate them!

Tell us a little about your role as Soledad in Las Cruces and the challenges it has created for you as an actor.

Soledad is a really complex girl. She has so many layers to her, she's kind of an enigma but I think the first impression she gives off is really brash and irreverent. I think she's misunderstood and is actually really vulnerable and soft. She's just looking for a friend and finally finds one in Sheridan. So now she's not gonna let go. I found reverting to the mentality of a teenager kind of challenging because I think even at Soledad's age I didn't act the way she does. I'm trying to find the balance between keeping my truth as Diomargy and allowing Soledad to have some fun.

You can follow Diomargy Nuñez on Instagram @dioexmachina

Tickets are now available for Las Cruces at Premiere Stages from September 1st to September 18th. Premiere Stages offers affordable prices, air-conditioned facilities, and free parking close to the theatre. Please call 908-737-4092 and visit Premiere Stages online at

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Diomargy Nuñez

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