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BWW Blog: Commuter Student Perks as Theatre Major

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BWW Blog: Commuter Student Perks as Theatre Major

When I was first deciding on a college, I was set on dorming, simply because I thought it would be fun and easy. But after two years of commuting to my community college just 15 minutes from my house, I realized how many benefits there are to being a commuter student, especially as a theatre major! Here are some of the top perks of commuting to school while being a theatre student!

1.) You get to perform in and see shows outside of school!

During my time as a commuter student, I have participated in not only my school's performing arts company, but also in drama club and community theatre shows and even got to work professionally in the city! As a commuter, it is easy to get around to multiple auditions, performances and rehearsals around the community, not just at school. You even have your weekends free to go out to rehearse for other shows outside of school and see other productions near you (my favorite this semester was seeing Waitress in the city!) You get to build your resume and perform in countless shows throughout the semester, instead of being limited to the one or two shows your school may offer!

2.) You can rehearse at home!

Although many people think theatre kids have no fear, it can be nerve-wracking to rehearse lines and songs in front of other people. While away from school, it can be difficult to find somewhere private where you can rehearse, and rehearsal rooms are very limited. As a commuter, you can rehearse in the comfort and privacy of your own home, without you having to fear judgment from roommates, friends or other students. This privacy can help you take more risks and make your performance the best it can be!

3.) You save money!

Dorming at some colleges can cost thousands of dollars. By choosing to commute, you can put that money towards your art! Some things you can use your money towards are: professional headshots, professionally printed resumes, business cards, voice/dance/acting lessons, a website, an agent, new dance shoes, new rehearsal clothes, new stage makeup, professional self tapes, a membership to casting websites, workshops and masterclasses, and of course, seeing more shows!

Overall, I've learned that being a commuter student is very beneficial as a theatre major, both training-wise and financially. You will have semesters full of opportunities and a perfect resume within hands reach, while saving money!

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From This Author Student Blogger: Holly Stefanik