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Troma-Fest 2013 and Lloyd Kaufman Come to Seacoast Rep, Now thru 3/20

Have you ever watched a movie so vile, putrid, and tasteless you couldn't help but love it? Maybe you've caught a film on late night TV that was so bad, you weren't able to stop watching it? Or perhaps your cinephile friend brought a movie to the party that made everyone squeal with glee, cringe with disgust, and laugh out loud at the sheer audacity of it. Well, you very well might have seen a Troma film. And the man behind this madness was Lloyd Kaufman, and he is coming to Seacoast Repertory Theatre to discuss his films Wednesday March 20th, 2013 as part of The Rep's Red Light Series Troma- Fest 2013. All for the sake of keeping Portsmouth weird...

Lloyd Kaufman is as infamous as his films, having inspired some of Hollywood's leading directors (Quentin Tarantino, Peter Jackson, Eli Roth and James Gunn to name a few...) and is best known for his films The Toxic Avenger, Class Of Nuke Em' High, and Tromeo and Juliet. He brings the film world all the gore, sleaze and slime that have surpassed the test of time, proving that "bad" cinema is as relevant today as it was 38 years ago. Lloyd and Michael Herz started their own film Production Company called Troma Entertainment in 1974, producing
films that were critically flops, but box office hits. Creating a film subculture that appealed to not only teens but adults as well, giving everyone a chance to partake in a film experience that was so wrong, but so much fun.

The Rep's Red Light series brings the seacoast community alternative entertainment that inspires, ignites and interrupts the way theatre should be. As part of this series The Rep will be producing its first ever Troma-Film Fest 2013. Tonight, March 6th, March 13th, and March 20th The
Rep will be screening 3 different Troma Films in preparation for Lloyd Kaufman's appearance and interview on The Rep stage March 20th. The films will include: March 6th, From the creators of South Park: Cannibal! The Musical. March 13th, Class of Nuke Em High. And March
20th, The Toxic Avenger with a talk back and meet and greet with the king of cinema slime himself, Lloyd Kaufman. All screenings will feature a pre-show and will be hosted by everyone's favorite local drag queen, Bunny Wonderland (Knate Higgins) with special guest and Horror movie expert Timothy Fife. Here's what the audience can expect from each screening and its pre-show:

March 6th, 730pm
$7.50 General Admission

From the Creators of South Park:

Cannibal! The Musical.

Shpadoinkle! The greatest Musical of 1990's, Cannibal! the Musical is a hilarious and oh-so-wrong journey of AlFred Packard. Blindly leading a group of men through the Colorado Rockies, starving, frostbitten and exhausted what else is there to do? BREAK OUT INTO SONG! Matt Stone and Trey Parker's First Full Length feature Film, it is considered one of Troma's best pickups.

Pre-Show: Homemade Cannibal Snowman Contest. He can be made out of anything...but snow! Bring in a homemade Cannibal Snowman and the winner will receive a special Troma prize pack. Get Creative Y'all! Experience a hilarious onstage "fake blood demonstration".

March 13th, 730pm
$7.50 General Admission
Troma's Teen Scream Classic:

Class of Nuke Em High

Class of Nuke Em High is one of Troma's most punk infused, slime dripping teenage horror comedies. When Tromaville High School accidentally is exposed to nuclear waste from the power plant next door, the student body suddenly begins to glow. Now fueled by punk
music, the need for speed, and a whole lot of hormones the students take matters into their own hands. And all the while something is growing in the basement....

Pre-Show: Live Nuke Em' High Music by The Erotic City Electric Blues
Band and a "Troma Foaming" demonstration! Best "Troma Foamer" of the
night receives a great Troma prize pack.

March 20th, 7:30
$20.00 General Admission

The Toxic Avenger and Lloyd Kaufman "Toxic Talk Back" Q&A

Described as the crown jewel of Troma, The Toxic Avenger is the classic story of nerd gets bullied, nerd falls into toxic waste, nerd becomes a superhero mutant, nerd seeks revenge on bullies. A tour de force in trash cinema, as heartwarming as it is vile. After this screening Lloyd Kaufman will be on The Rep stage in an exclusive interview with Bunny Wonderland and Timothy Fife about how Troma all came to be...NOT TO BE MISSED!

Pre-Show: NUCLEAR WASTE WRESTLING with some local gals, and the Dirty
Dishes Burlesque Revue.

Please Be Advised. Troma-Fest 2013 is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. All Films are rated R. Parental Advisory is strongly recommended for all of these events. Also, certain Sponsors (Bull Moose Music, Jetpack Comics, and Hidden History Tattoo) will be on hand before and after each screening selling "Tromabilia" in the lobby of seacoast rep. Everything from t-shirts, troma-gear, posters, and DVD's, everything you could want will be available for sale.

Tickets to Cannibal! The Musical and Class of Nuke Em' High film screenings will be $7.50, and $20 for The Toxic Avenger and Toxic Talk Back with Lloyd Kaufman. A Cinematic Slime Pass will be available for $25. The pass will get you into every screening including The Toxic Talk Back at a discounted rate. Tickets may be purchased at The Box Office at 125 Bow Street Portsmouth, NH, by calling 603.433.4472 or online at

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