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Student Blog: New Semester and New Year Resolutions

Resolutions for a New Semester

Student Blog: New Semester and New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year BroadwayWorld!

It is the time of the year where students start a new semester and make New Year resolutions that most of us probably will forget about by February. New Year resolutions can be a great and easy way to find and focus on specific goals. Whether your focus is on work, school, or a better lifestyle, having a goal to focus on shows that you having something driving you to succeed. Here are some New Year resolutions for students to kick off 2022.

1. Apply for Scholarships

There are many websites with random and weird scholarships that anyone can apply for. Websites like,, and Going Merry, offer thousands of scholarships for every student. They can be random scholarships that have a specific focus, or any easy no essay scholarship that anyone can enter. The point is, you won't get a scholarship if you don't apply for any. It is fast, easy, and may pay for part of your school.

2. Find ways to get involved on Campus

Sports, clubs, and other classes offer away to get involved and enhance your school life. I wish that I would have joined more clubs or even have joined student body. This resolution is one I personally plan on keeping in 2022!

3. Find a way to manage your schedule

Many people use their phones to keep track of school, work and other appointments. I like to use a daily planner to write down my work schedule, assignment due dates and other appointments I may have. Time management is an important way to start a new school year.

4. Find new things you like

Go on adventures, visit new places, and find new people that make your life better. It doesn't hurt to try new things in life.

5. Remember your goals

Whether it is your future goal, your goal for the semester, or a goal for the month, find a way to keep it prominent in your life. Write down your goals somewhere you will see them every day. Keep your goals in mind every time you feel like quitting.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year and I hope you all find a resolution that works for you! Happy New Year!

Student Blog: New Semester and New Year Resolutions

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