Singer Quentin Elias Opens Up About First Acting Turn

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Singer Quentin Elias makes a splashy debut in THE BLVD currently @ The Macha Theatre in WeHo. In our interview, he talks about his love of France, New York, his music and his latest passion for acting.

Q: Tell me about your background - about growing up in Marseille, France and how you got into the arts. Didn't it begin with dance?

I am Algerian, not French. Marseille is the best city ever.. it's like LA .. dry weather and blue sky all the time. Food is great and people are very genuine. Then I went to NYC .. I consider NYC home for me since it's where I really grew up.. and learned everything I know. I started dance class when I was 6, so at an early age I was on stage.. it's the best years of my life..

Q: When did you make the transition to New York from Europe? Was it after you became a successful singer in France? Talk about that success!

I was living in NY when I heard about a casting for a "boyband" so I flew to Paris and got the job.. we were like the backstreet boyz in France.. sold 5 millions cds then I became like Justin Timberlake when I went solo.. after a solo album I decided to go back home to NY. I had enough and I was really home sick.

Q: When did the acting bug bite?

I never really thought about acting .. when Danny De La Paz asked me to be part of this project I had no idea what I was getting into .. once I started doing the reading and rehearsed I felt I was born to be an actor as well. It's a new experience and I learn a lot.. it's really hard work for me but I am getting better every night.. I love it.

Q: What great training to be onstage every night!

It's more difficult than tv or movies since you are onstage and once you step onto that stage you have to give your best every night for almost 2 hours straight with no cut. You have to be real focused and listen to the other actor that feeds you your lines and energy... I believe doing theater is the best acting class I could ever do.

Q: How is the music career going?

The music is good; the industry has changed a lot. I keep performing and recording new stuff all the time . I found a new style that fits me more now .. it's more soft rock . Just shot my new music video and posted it on youtube, and people really like my new direction.

Q: Have you done any film? If so, is that a goal?

Yes, I have done 4 feature films since I got here to LA . LA loves me and I love LA. I really want to pursue a career in acting .. that's my new goal.

Q: Who are your favorite film or stage actors? European or American.

I love so many .. but I'll say, I love Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock - she is amazing, but of course I like many more...I love Christian Bale, Jack Nicholson.

Q: Do you have a favorite movie? Which? Why do you like it?

OMG .. I have so many favorite movies.. as far as comedy I love Mean Girls.. it's so funny and the writing is excellent; for a more serious but cool movie I love The Family Stones.. what a great movie.. About Family is a great movie.. and of course, Broke Back Mountain .. what a master piece!

Q: Tell me about your bodybuilding and modeling.

I started working out when I was 14, when I started doing kick boxing.. I love working out.. of course it maybe gives a wrong image of myself .. I am not that mean even if I look super tough and mean .. I am a real teddy bear.. as for modeling. I never thought I could take a picture when I was young .. if someone told me I will be a model when I was teenager I would have laughed so hard.. it still amazes me when people ask me to pose for them.. I guess I don't see what people see in me, which is a good thing.

Quentin Elias is definitely humble, but a go getter, nonetheless. Indeed, there's much pulchritude to admire when he's onstage, so don't miss him through April 18!
THE BLVD plays Thursdays through Sundays @ The Macha Theatre on Kings Road above Santa Monica Blvd in WeHo. 

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