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New American Theatre to Present Gender-Bending MACBETH: REVISITED

The New American Theatre celebrates their 21st Anniversary season with William Shakespeare's "Macbeth: Revisited."

Directed by New American Theatre artistic director Jack Stehlin (Odyssey Theatre/NAT's "Tempest Redux," Showtime's "Weeds"), who also plays the title role, Macbeth: Revisited features a gender-bending cast of New American Theatre company members.

The show opens Saturday, April 8, 2017 at The Second Stage at SacRed Fools Theater in Hollywood.

Prompted by supernatural predictions, Scottish warrior Macbeth colludes with his wife to murder his way onto the throne. What happens next is a cautionary tale of prophesy, unchecked power and free will. Derived from Shakespeare's Macbeth, this intimate re-telling is a bare-boned ritual of theater with media.

Says Stehlin, "'Revisited' emphasizes our need not only as theatre artists but as a community to tell this story once again. The hope is that perhaps this time we will discover a way to break the cycle of fear and narcissism that brings us to violence and inhumanity towards each other. This reckoning can only come with the responsibility of self-determination, not as victim of circumstance. To that end, we are also exploring status quo gender norms in an effort to recognize our full potential as a society of humankind."

In addition to Stehlin, the all New American Theatre company cast features Varda Appleton (NAT's "The Break") as Ross, Brendan Brandt (NAT's "Boy's Life") as Witch #1, Chelsea Brandt (NAT's "Boys Life") as Gentlewoman, Dennis Gersten (Odyssey Theatre & NAT's "Tempest Redux") as Witch #2, Jenny Lerner ("OMG, Betch" web series) as Donalbain, Jordan Lund (NAT's "63 Trillion") as Witch #3, Frannie Morrison (NAT's "Responsible") as Fleance/Macduff's son, Cesar Obregon (NAT's "Three Sisters," NBC's "This is Us") as Macbeth's servant, David Purham ("Palo Alto") as Duncan, Mark Richardson (NAT's "Loose Ends") as Lennox, Elise Robertson ("American Sniper", NAT's "Sister Cities,") as Lady Macduff, Jade Sealey ("NAT's "Sister Cities,") as Malcolm, Patrick Vest (NAT's "Misanthrope," Rubicon's "Moonlight and Magnolias") as Macduff, Vanessa Waters (NAT's "The Women") as Lady Macbeth and Susan Ziegler (NAT's ""Sister Cities," "Three Sisters," "As You Like It") as Banquo.

John Farmanesh-Bocca (director/choreographer of last season's "Tempest Redux") is sound designer and choreographer. Set Designer is Robert Broadfoot. Lighting Design by Derrick McDaniel. Jonas Newhouse is stage manager.

Macbeth: Revisited will play Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, April 8 - May 13, 2017. There will be one 5PM performance on Sunday, May 9. Venue is The Second Stage at SacRed Fools Theater, 6320 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood. Tickets, ($15-$35) can be purchased at

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