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Who Knew Zoom Could Be So Fun?


The Geffen is hosting a game night and it's a goofy, geeky, glorious distraction from the gloom and doom of 2020. Created and led by puzzle enthusiast David Kwong, this latest version of the Geffen Stayhouse series, Inside The Box, is a perfect way to connect with others in these isolating times.

The dapper Kwong is a professional magician and contributor to the New York Times crossword puzzles. For 85 minutes, he provides a journey into the history of puzzles to give the audience context of the many games Kwong shares with them. During the evening, the audience will join together and play variations on such puzzles as acrostics, spoonerisms, and anagrams. Kwong illustrates his adeptness by performing a knight's tour with the audience's help.

On opening night, the audience was packed with Los Angelinos along with several east coasters. An energy traversed through the zoom windows and everyone worked together to solve the puzzles and form a camaraderie.

Kwong is both knowledgeable and charming. He allows his audience to absorb the nuances of the different games and then put that knowledge into action with the games everyone plays together.

For so many that have been trapped inside the box of their houses, apartment, etc, sometimes with only the television for company, Inside The Box is an hour-and-a-half hanging with new friends, playing spirited games, and remembering the joy that came from gatherings.

More information about David Kwong can be found at his website Inside The Box has been extended through January 3, 2021. Tickets can be purchased at At this moment, the show appears to be sold out throughout the run, but those interested can sign up for personal notifications when a ticket becomes available.

Photo Credit: Jeff Lorch

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