Jonas Schwartz-Owen

Jonas Schwartz-Owen Jonas Schwartz is Vice President of the prestigious Los Angeles Critics Circle. He was the Los Angeles Columnist for the New York based for 15 years, reviewing, among others, the sold out tours of Book of Mormon and Hamilton. He is now thrilled to work with Broadway World.

Jonas has been a film critic for over 20 years at Comcast Cable and Maryland Nightlife. He is currently a columnist for one of his favorite writers, John Kenneth Muir, on He has been certified by the MPAA and is a founding board member of the International Press Academy. He chairs several voting boards, particularly the Satellite Awards DVD and Television nominating committees. His reviews have been carried by an array of publications including Comcast Cable, Lord of the Rings Fan Site (which surprisingly spotlighted a negative review of the first Lord of the Rings) and The Drudge Report.

Jonas is also working on a novel, 10VE: A Binary Love Story, about a girl who falls in love with a man over the Internet. Catastrophe results when she ignores the dangerous implications of taking the written word as purer than the intentions of its manipulative author. Rather than a crime thriller, the book focuses on how a woman can take tragic situations and grow beyond them.

Jonas graduated from University of Southern California with a major in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Film Criticism.